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Drown in the Green River yesterday in an area along Southeast Grim River Gorge Road near Black Diamond. The King County Sheriff's Office is a man in his twenties, tried reaching a rope swing when he fell, hit some rocks and went into the river. He died at the scene. A banner honoring the memory of Lindsay Bomb who was killed when she was 10 years old, has been put back up after workers in the city of McCleery had taken it down because it may have violated a city ordinance. Lindsay's mother, Melissa, said that removal was hurtful. I'm offended. That my banners offend them. I'm offended that my my 10 year old little girl's murderer does not outrage and offended and I am offended. That they would have the gall. To think that taking my banners down was an appropriate action to take. Lindsay Bomb disappeared nearly a dozen years ago, Her body was found, but the killer never arrested. Melissa says. Detectives are still actively investigating that case. Building homes. Chief of police apologizing for a prank to of his officers pulled out a homeless person COUPLES. CORWIN Hank. How's That story Chief David Doll appeared virtually before the Bellingham City Council to apologize for his officers for the incident nearly a year ago, during which the officers used a mentally ill homeless man to prank fellow officers apologizing into each of you and our entire community. The incident from September of last year became public two weeks ago. The Bellingham Herald reports. The officers had driven the homeless man to an all night restaurant and sent him inside, apparently as a joke on some off duty officers at the restaurant this incident Is in no way representative of your police department. Doll says the officers involved have been reprimanded. But this citizen speaking at the same meeting is not satisfied. It is atrocious and astonishing and disgusting and horrifying that the police officers that pulled that prank are still on. Judy Corwin. Hey. HK Coma News, the Port of Olympia now, including its three member commission and the ports, anti harassment discrimination policy. The vote on August 10th followed an employee accusing commissioner E. J. Zita of sexual harassment. Earlier this year, an employee made the allegations against Zito, which led the port to hire an investigator from Seattle. The Olympian reports, the investigators concluded there was there were instances in which Zita engaged in conduct, causing several port employees to feel discomfort. Zita denies the allegations but says she supports the expanded policy. Many businesses in Seattle now face the added cost of cleaning up after protests turned violent and destructive money, not on Capitol Hill and South Lake Union couple, Suzanne Francaise He Amazon go store and Starbucks were hit hardest, but they aren't the only businesses that were damaged. Christina Cannon is the owner of half and Half Donut and Capitol Hill is just across the street from the Amazon Ghost store. It's exhausting to.

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