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You kidding me me. I mean it gets handed broken sticks in Chicago. Not The guy that's going to be checking my phone. I'm a man of honor that's true that's true I knew this. The last member of Buffalo some Paul Biz Nasty Bissonnette. What's up buddy are gonNA throw it right back to you but he just a team guy? He says like some of our travel schedules. The only reason we're recording on Saturday as opposed the Sunday is it. Because it's my fault so you're a team guy you kind of put it on the TV tell it just pretty special data mom that's going to be but nonetheless. I'm the reason that if something crazy happens on Saturday night. NHL which. I mean it's been a pretty crazy year. So far every Saturday there's some type of storyline if we ended up missing it and have to push it to the next episode sons on me boys but it's for a great cause. I get to go back home to well in Ontario for hometown. Hockey Ron Ron. Fuck and clean is coming. Well in Ontario Dude. I don't think you guys understand. This guy is Canadian royalty like. It's a Sunday night and I'm going to be had note afterward for a few POPs search for a lot of stories. I'm assuming and there's a lot of people are going to be hurting on Monday. Well and is going to be the least productive city in Canada on Monday. Coming appear and it's such an honor that I got asked to do it and remind you. Dan Pie is going to be there. Stanley champions with the Boston bruins probably he. Who's part of that fourth line? That was just incredible. Correct like Dan Pie. Unbelievable huge backup so he brought the cup home to Welland so vodka. He's royalty in Wellin- Alan. We got Dan Girardi who just retired. Unbelievable career. Guy Was undrafted. H Hawks eight bucks breakfast. Matt Ellis tell us a rudy type. Where do this guy like? No one ever thought he was going to see a game and ended up getting what two three hundred whatever it may be et greet NHL career. And then I got asked of course and we get to go. Thank everybody from back home. Who made our dreams possible? Because like you guys know coaches growing coming up. I was blessed. I had unbelievable coaches every year. I had a lawyer for a coach. Mark Larose who who when we couldn't find practice time or we weren't allocated the practice time from well a minor hockey. He would pay it of his own pocket and go rent ice in another city just so we can get on the ice like what. That's fucking wild. Isn't it something. Ah like guys like that. Mr Crawling Mr Shannon. All these different guys I get to go bank. And and they were all our coaches because we all came into the NHL at that same time so we all all had the like we were all getting passed on the exact same coaches so that was the formula for success. And of course I mean well and just you know it's a it's a tough town man you've breath you're behind the eight ball maybe a little bit. You don't have the resources the kids in Toronto do and we you know. We put our group of our core group of guys at that period of time. Kind of put it on the map. So it's going to be a very special day and I kind of rambled on there quite a bit. Well two things one Sunday night. Somebody's getting put on the workbench and well and to ooh I've been I've been when I worked up at Sports Net and even people at NHL Network that no Ron Maclean not often do you get a guy. That's that famous and that at high up and respected. There's never been a bad word. Said about the guy. People said he's to look the best guy ever work with when they they've been with him. I think he's done the Olympics and he's he's done it all and everyone says he's just a joy to be around. And the best part is I guess after all the work star Ronaldo and have a night firm soft he likes deserves saves it. He Crushes Drake's tell stories and he's one of those guys. The More Jersey has the happier he gets so we took a shirt off. Going to be fun for you because he took. He took his shirt off one time at a bar in Victoria and ripped up and he was. Yeah he's Jack and the picture went viral and like I don't think people understand the type of the pressure that's on this guy in order to deliver like Canadian news you mentioned I mean he's more he's more sports. If not all sports I mean you said he did the Olympics. Like you're on the center centerstage. You have to be on the ball every day and he a robot. He never really slips up until he goes to. The barn takes his shirt off and I wouldn't see it is. Yeah but he's your showing everyone that he's just poor crushing. Hgh Ronnie mcphee Look Hgh clain. So worst this nickname then no no. It's it's Dan. I love it age clean. It was but I wasn't being sarcastic. He walks in any place Jason Canada. Like whoa that's fucking rob mclane. He's he's I would say. He's just as recognizable as the prime minister in Canada. Yeah Definitely I. Would you say special offer strike off Rani my bad. That's good stuff though Biz funny. I almost said codger. Like the last of the FAB. Four when I brought you when I was like that obviously that comes from the Beatles. I'm like if we were the Beatles Beatles though I was thinking the WHO which one would we be and I was like obviously you to Apollon fuck and John I would say Whitney is John Lennon has glennon was kind of like grumpy. Be Sometimes shot. That's how bad you want me to get killed. Deer funked up her.

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