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A good plan would isn't everything I duNNo. Oh by you guys. But I'm fully satisfied. I feel great about myself. Why feeling great about so we can continue about Emma but I would would really hate to miss the soundtrack because again? You don't need to go far. I will tell you this is the most we've ever talked about a soundtrack in death breath for movies. We have written that samples. This is the real mother nine. Yeah this is causing them to minutes and see how much people charged us. They'll be like that doesn't sound like anything you go position Hit US up will I am. We don't stand with the airline. That fucking fucking hell read a news headline we're not getting into that today Black eye pays it also Jay Baldwin. We also have songs from people. They'll John we also have Jaden agent Smith he's also on the remix for And also murder she writes in this incense from Biju Benton. ooh Yeah the good Buju so you know there is. There is a like reggae tone SORTA dancehall sort of thing that gets into war even with all three movies. Oh Yeah I think I'm GONNA reference speak for this show ready. Oh Yeah Feisty. One you really That's an inbetween celinas reference. I guess take shots. But we've been doing lots of references so you might be on the floor and let's talk more about dawn Alexander Alexander Ludwig. 'cause we had a little ironside adventure solicit come back I just want to say say it is my responsibility as hearst on the delicious of podcast to inform you not to form your opinions. It's about Alexander Ludwig on this role this role was shit. Had did pretty much nothing minus one dimension attention to this character. It was literally like her. He's above guy. He's a nerd right. It was fucking bigger than will smith like eagled Swat Will Smith Away right and that was supposed to be the whole humor of it. It's sad that in two thousand twenty. That was still relying on those obvious physical. Oh but you know. Danny Devito is not there. So it's not that obvious like Human Schwarzenegger right. It's just sad. It's just something that's rely on it I don't think Charles Moulton wraiths character brought anything to the role All aside aside from the fact that he was like a young Mike Larry like he was an asshole to everyone. y'All wouldn't even see my Laurie. I just I don't know he was Dick Doc. He was a dictator. So as Mike Larry you just like him. Yeah I guess so so you know and then they had that whole back and forth about sleeping sleeping with the bomb like yeah cool fine Ti. Call Your Momma jokes. Were we came out of the womb for sure and then we also have a hudgens. I like this. I just feel like her face. Looks looks like it's always ready Fulsome Dick or it's always ready fulsome special powder like in this like elections positive. She wanted to be part of the team flow even seeing her in high school musical. I'm like she freak grown grown from that. I feel like this was a good performance over this hudgens. Yeah but I think also at the same time the so much turnover in Hollywood. I really don't think think about people that I used to think about before so it's like impress me impress me. I didn't get.

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