Mr Schiff, Mr Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General discussed on The Mark Levin Show


To the press what is the explanation for that there really is no good explanation for that except well let's stop lemme lemme lemme help him out there is not a criminal investor gatien of uh the fbi agent taking place there is an inspector general investigation mr schiff may not be aware of this but mr rosenstein is not required to defer to the inspector general's office even though he's done that many times he certainly not required to the spectre general's office as an internal investigatory office has no power of any kind of uh uh criminal authority whereas the deputy attorney general does so i hope this helps mr schiff has he's earnestly in studiously trying to pursue the truth objectively go ahead one from the department and and i also think that uh when you look at me also mention that information about this fbi agent was first leaked to the new york slimes in the washington compost for the purpose of trying to help this fbi agent uh even though even the leakers understood that there would be a lotta blow back but they tried to leak it in a way that would do the least amount of damage even though the chairman of the house intelligence committee on which this fraud sets and apparently has no interest in any of this had been requesting information about this fbi agents uh demotion for months and i noticed mr schiff never asked once guy had the allegations of the doj inspector general's investigating they were very selective in what they released now how would you know they're selective in what they released unless you know everything that they have ended this guy is such a client go ahead the pool reports last year that the fbi was heavily predisposed against hillary clinton and in favor of donald trump while the praetorian guard media was quite wrong wasn't it we now have overwhelming evidence that says otherwise and mr chef we're up to you we'd have no evidence whatsoever because you're a clown go ahead if there are text messages that run in the got up done with him not can you imagine that guy chairing the house intelligence committee if the republicans lose the house he will run the house intelligence committee now there's a man from connecticut his name is.

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