Hillary Clinton, Presidential Campaign, DNC discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


This story that donna brazile has written here's i'll give you the the too long don't read version because we won't get to this until the fund half of the program you'll recall that i think it was over the summer probably in the spring of last year uh the story came out that hillary clinton's um campaign apparatus fundraising apparatus had a relationship with the state's that was denying it was the victory fund which was the joint fundraising committee comprised of clinton's presidential campaign the dnc and thirty two state party committees it allowed clinton to solicit checks of more than three hundred fifty grand from highend donors and then a transfer that money three point eight million to the the states but then that money was then re sent to the dnc by a and and ended up in a in a fund is centrally run by a clinton campaign staffer and the whole deal had to do with uh recent changes to campaignfinance where there were no limitations on where you could spread money around were there was no cap on donors in their total giving and so what they would do is they would give us sensibly to the states and it would be woods it it functioned like you know you hear those stories of of a certain country where uh let's say uh foreigners can invest into right americans can invest in country x and so you get someone in country x to be essentially your proxy.

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