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The thirty dollars it seems to me is that much to have a more comfortable seat the coach plus seats are not first class but not there's more leg roman for someone of my size in my leg legs i certainly would do it if i was in coach the point that i making your about the early if every seat in every plane was like that we would have no complaints about this but people would then be paying way more to fly on these planes the reason why only four or five rows of the coach plus and the remaining twenty two are not is most people are not willing to pay even a little bit of extra body for a significant improvement in service oh yeah if there has been saying the problem is because of the flying public at its attitudes of not wanting it on your talked with some of the planes heart some planes load even have any business class added why would an airline not have those businessclass seats on their if there was a demand for them in the answer is there is it enough demand even put them on some flights they they have this down to a science they know exactly you know where the demand and where the price meet and that's why and i wish there were more people looking for the coach blessed more business grandkids that's the kind of thing is i hate pa jammed in like that so i get why people are frustrated but for the people that it it it's just the situation which the market is spoken in the bracket says give me cheap chief cheap cheap and i'll bitch pitch pitch pitched pitch but don't ask me to pay to make it better better better exactly yet that just described the entire situation eight 94 southbound at the hale interchange an excellent like a cleaned up version of scaramucci there did not happen in other words oh you could put though him ahead days and he's fired while was that anybody glad is anybody sad to see him go now paul you sad to see him go no i i mean other than i thought he will and i said when he was hired i thought this is an excellent selection well so much hamas i said oh that he was doing well i.

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