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Was standing up for our them. I wanted to make sure that. I could see what was going on. I wanted to make sure that that was actually going to be the case and as he was doing it. I was marking out on the lawn. To make sure. I knew where that pipe was going and i was taking pictures of it with landmark surrounded the area so i knew where that line was going so we can track it and it was one of those things i was involved. In the process. I don't like homeowners hovering but sometimes when the guys got the scope outstanding. They're talking to him watching him do it. It's pretty hard to fake and be good at it versus somebody just coming in and showing you a picture of camera brother. You're completely right. And it's funny because the place that repairs cameras here in the dallas area is really really good. I've developed a great relationship with them. And i was out there talking to scotland and scott literally told me that somebody had dropped off the camera. One day and about five minutes later guy comes running back and he's like oh my god i need that flash drive and they're like okay. Yeah we'll look around what we'll find the camera or whatever and the guy was freaking. He's that's got my tree root video and he literally told them exactly the story. you're talking about. I've got roots on that. I'll put that in. That can show customers what they're any stopped. He says i can show customers what acer looks like with and i mean look. This guy's been doing this for your scott. So so he's like he's just looked at him he said it just blew my mind. I literally. here's what i do. And this is one thing that is great for your listeners. To hear i literally record the neighborhood. If i'm going into the sewer from the roof i show on the front yard. The trees i show me i show him the truck i show them everything and then go straight in their sewer and that way they know look th. This is my house. There's no doubt about it. And it's got the markings on there. It's got everything on it. So i can tell them. Look you know it. Dropped down twelve feet till hit the money then. It turned towards the front of your house. Because that's where you're to a cloud is it was a straight shot and i mean i document it and show him. I wanna make sure. And i mean literally like i mean. I'll video their backyard already on the front yard. I want them to see something to say. Hey that's my house. And i'll tell you another good story to on a house. When they noticed something. Funny next door..

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