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And welcome back east Lansing where tonight Michigan state in game two of the season will be hosting the Broncos in western Michigan football clubs in winning their opening game issues they got by toss a twenty eight seven western Michigan beat mom with forty eight the thirteen and that we came into this game Michigan State Bank eighteen by the writers and twenty of by the coaches will team with a with a coach mark Dantonio and. sometimes I ask about how practice go but I was just curious how different as a practice from week one when you have all these unknowns to week two when people actually got to play a little bit well I think you tried address the issues that you have and try and work on some of the things that didn't go quite so well for you and then you always have to a game plan the next game so there's a definite plan and you know or outline our footprint that we follow every week and when we had just within that footprint has to you know whether it's player injury or whether it's who we play or new things you want to do or changing up things correcting things so but we're pretty busy was it a good practice week yeah we had a good practice weeks tone was set I think and you know I think our players respond so look for to tonight's game. I want to go back just for a second to that game a ****. the defense was pretty spectacular did that surprise you at all I mean how good can these guys be well I think we've been a dominant defensive team this past year we got a lot of guys back really you know with the exception of Andrew dal Cory Willis and and Justin lane which are all good players you know we're back intact and we had guys play in there you know and once it was played a lot of football. he does exist Henderson played a lot of football last year Josh Butler and and Shuker played a lot of football as well so I figure you're defensively structures the same that you love different things and saying we critique things to try to change some things up as well so there's there's more to us and we played very well last year so by expectations are very high always and that's where it's been here around here for for years really. well injuries of cryptanalytic can I talk to you about your long snapper you don't think about these guys until something goes wrong so looks like tonight will be a new person yeah chewed up put drugs will will be our long snapper he's a freshman at a Westerville Ohio he was very well thought of snapper one of the best in the country and he was the heir apparent to ride ride was a senior that's why we brought you did use non scholarship player but you know we recruited him with the idea that we would put a lot of January so he did get one step in the game it was perfect and he snapped very well throughout the whole week so of is just another just another guys next man up mentality but he's excited and he's very confident what he's doing as well so what is the status of return specialist Jaylen Naylor. you know Jaylen will be out got hurt in Wednesday's practice of lower leg injury and of I do not think you missed the season but he'll be out for for a period of time so we'll go into how how long or anything like that but a pretty confident he'll be back home in this decision yet third do you put Cordy white back there code you'll go back Reese Nelson go back they'll sewers got it before Connor he was done for all for those guys have gained experience in in both kickoff return a punt return so before we talk about western Michigan are you glad the first week done and can I get into a routine now yeah I think you know you're always looking for the next phase and you know we're face to which is around a conference games this is the second one up and boots critical one every games critical I can't tell you gave us not critical so I'm sure we'll have a great crowd there was exciting last week great crowd last week and I thought the game day atmosphere was outstanding of the change some things up or are of people that are involved with that change things up so they look for the game but also looking forward to getting on track in terms of sort of a scheduled scheduled week. when we come back with more the Marcantonio pregame show this evening from Spartan stadium we're going to take a look at the Broncos of western Michigan the first a time out right here in the sprite network.

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