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I'm Rebecca Missouri's next report. Eleven fifty one on ten ten wins. The death toll continues to rise in what is being called the third deadliest fire in California's history. The most destructive since recordkeeping began twenty-five people now confirmed dead thousands of homes and thousands of acres destroyed more than a quarter of a million people forced to evacuate correspondent, Alex stone in total now twenty five people have been killed in the wildfires here in California in the past couple of days. Fourteen. More bodies have been discovered in cars and homes in Butte county in northern California. And still there are one hundred ten people or missing on that fire. The concern is the number of dead will rise many people died while trying to escape the flames and were overcome sheriff's officials will be cross-checking their list with officials shelters to search for the remaining missing alsi fire in southern California covering Malibu, Chatsworth and Thousand Oaks is five percent contained at the. Sour wins. News time eleven forty three tensions rise in Florida's three. Statewide races have been too close to call since the midterm elections. The recall is on in the race for Florida's governor after an earlier concession speech, Tallahassee mayor Andrew gillum. Now says he's not ready to give up. Correspondent Lana Zak citing concerns about voter suppression. Democrat Andrew gillum retracted his concession speech in the race for Florida governor, I am replacing my words of concession within uncompromised in unapologetic call that we count every single vote in Florida machine recount is triggered when two candidates are within a half a percentage point on Saturday the difference between Gillam and the Republican. Rhonda Santa's was down to roughly point four one percent. And the lawyer for Senate candidate Rick Scott said Friday that the Florida Republicans team is fully anticipating recount and it's Senate race against democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Meanwhile, eugene. Peres? The attorney for Broward County says it's important to understand the fact deal with reality. Don't follow where social.

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