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Now, did you? Good morning, I'm Eriksson. It's fifty degrees. Our top story. This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Aaron Katersky during their search of the Saudi consulate and Istanbul. Turkish police told the Associated Press they found evidence that Jamal kashogi the Washington Post columnist was killed there. This comes despite Saudi Arabia's continued denials, and perhaps an anticipation that rogue killers were responsible. But nonetheless, Turkish officials tell the Associated Press that during the search of the Saudi council at an Istanbul. Police found evidence that the Saudi writer Jamal kashogi the Washington Post columnist was killed there. I'm Aaron Katersky. This has been a special report from ABC news red light cameras at a busy Beaverton. Intersex are now issuing tickets for drivers caught speeding officer Jeremy Shaw with Beaverton police say the cameras are at southwest Walker road in cedar hills boulevard, we've had five fatal crashes here in Beaverton this year already and we're hoping that we don't have anymore. The city is expected to put up three more speed cameras over the next six months. Microsoft co-founder? Paul Allen has died following recurrence non-hodgkin's lymphoma. He was sixty five years old Bill hills. The Vulcan Ellen's corporation says Ellen was an engineer at hearts, and that's how he approached problems when he would see a problem could be a infectious disease problem in Africa or could be a problem with coral reefs and climate change. Whatever problem might be. He he had an instinct to want to go solve that Allen's philanthropy included programs for climate energy, biodiversity, science, health and communities, Portland. Mayor Ted Wheeler says the violence during demonstrations has gotten out of hand he's proposing a new ordinance that will give police more authority to control demonstrations. Using an ordinance to enact reasonable content neutral time place and manner regulations for demonstrations held in Portland. Wheeler says there must be a balance between expressing freedom of speech and demonstrations, I get out of control. He will look with police. Prosecutors in city leaders to develop the ordinance he swore to protect and serve. But now Maryland police officers behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a traffic stop the officer Ryan Macklin six year veteran of the Prince George's county police department is accused of getting into the car of a woman he pulled over and forcing her to commit a sex act now he's behind bars charged with rape in assault. Prince George's county police chief Hanks to win sqi he saw this individual and chose to target her simply because she was a woman driving at a late hour to Wenski also says information, they have leads them to believe there may be additional people impacted by this officers conduct. Mike MURILLO ABC news Palmer park, Maryland. Today's our last day to register to vote in. Oregon you can register online or draw buying elections office. Election officials are expecting a high turnout this election for anticipating about seventy percent turnout or higher. So we have a lot of staff who are being trained of staff who are working bell. Let's go out in the mail tomorrow. You should get your ballot by next week. I'm Anna, Eriksson, NewsRadio eleven ninety K X..

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