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Well, yeah, it just had that feel to it. And then when the as I said, when the fog lifted we realized pretty quickly that we weren't where we thought we were, I'll take a quick break. More of your calls, Doug from Fonda, lack Hugh, from west Allis, favorite vacation spots in Wisconsin. That's an extra WTMJ. What's your favorite vacation spot? -sconsin. I read a list of travel Wisconsin on some of the locations. Let's hear what you have to say. Doug calling from fondling. Hey, Doug, and WTMJ. Right. My favorite place. Our family is the beach up at Green Bay, where you can still get most of the rights or twenty cents added rights. They have a lot of people aren't aware of that gave purchased Elvis Presley favorite roller coaster putt from the park in Memphis, you can ride zip and Pippin, which is old-fashioned, wouldn't roller coaster ride for a dollar, adding new rides new concession stand. And they probably have about if in rights, there, you can have it can speed are all day and spend less than twenty dollars and actually was on the list, and thanks for the call might my daughters, when they were little, they would visit their hands in Green Bay, and she always took them to, to that the attraction, and it's, it's a fun place. And, you know, the thing that he mentioned, that's, that's cool. Is it doesn't cost? A lot of money. That's a that's something that we can't say about a lot of these attractions. Let's go to Hugh calling from west Allis. Hey, he'll your on WTMJ. Say that you've ever in the Milwaukee area and kinda wanna sit around town wonderful wonderful church festival every weekend through September a wonderful thing to do every weekend. Yeah. In a lot of people don't thanks for the call of people. Don't know this. These are the principal fundraisers, for a lot of these places of worship. They need these dollars. And I, I don't go to as often as they used to got used to get invited to all when I was a mayor or alderman, but they're fun. And they have live music. And a lot of these things the beers flown. Of course, had gains for the kids and face painting on stuff. That is kind of a traditional Milwaukee thing on the ecm mortgage, talk, and text line. Somebody mentioned EA yes world's largest aviation convention. Here's one if you haven't done this go, go. Check it out road. America, Elkhart lake I was lucky enough. I have a friend who races for a living and he invited me up for for an event. It is unbelievable to see the way these guys dry. That, that course and it's, it's kind of a cool lay out. There's a lot of walking involves if you're somebody that has a problem with that, you might wanna think about that. But it's spectacular see these drivers in their elements in a very tight course laid out over. I don't know how long the courses but it's tremendous and that's a lot of fun. So that's, that's something that you, can you can do on an afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday and really enjoy if you love racing. Check out road America Elkhart lake let's go to Bill from west Allis. Hey, bill. Hey, thank you very much taking my call. Sure. Sitting in a there's a lot of stuff to doing Wisconsin. But if you're like me, a little bit older wiping item, married thirty years. I'm in my fifty go take a ride on the apple river introduce you can go with just two people. You can go at ten you can tell them all together, and it's really lazy and slow for about the first hour and then you get a little bit of rapid. It's the blood flowing and you got the music playing it's just a awesome great. I want to do that to sound that good. did you know you can rent a cabin right up the beach and you know you go rancher enter to the a that takes you over there and drops you off and and yeah it's just you just relax and have a few beverages as you're floating down and then all of a sudden things change in a little bit harry but hits only three feet of water and we dip a couple of times it's just a great time and for folks who don't know where is that exactly why it's west i live in milwaukee that's about four hours away little bit towards tobacco claire not that far but yeah it just grew you'll find it they have they have a different resorts up there and it's not expensive at all i think we spent about two hundred dollars and we had a you know it's like they'd played taking a trip down disneyworld it's just a great great family time or friends time if you get a bunch of friends together yeah great stuff thanks for the call bill thanks for listening as well somebody on the accurate mortgage talking touchline says the the timber rattlers baseball game in appleton into that stadium they do a great job lot of the local small All teams and we're gonna have a new one in Franklin. Coming up, June twenty-fourth is their home opener. The Franklin milkman my, my daughter who's worked for the Beloit snappers out in Beloit s-. I think they're AAA. I think there's still triple A baseball club. I other they've changed affiliations a couple of times. That's a, that's a great way to spend an afternoon. Minor league baseball, or professional baseball in the at the level of the milkman. I think they're in the same league as the same Paul saints. If you've never been to one of those games, first of all family, friendly. They make it really inexpensive. Your entitle tire group to the game hotdog specials all kinds of deals for your whole family would spend as much as you would spend it like the same Miller park for brewers gave nothing. I'm saying that's not a lot of fun as well. Brewers doing. Do a great job. We're lucky in Wisconsin. We have great sports franchises bucks. Brewers. Admirals Packers of the up at Lambeau on Saturday night for the McCartney concert, I think we're lucky. It's why we're tourism stay in the kind of tied into what was one of my four ten topics. That's why roads matter the I gotta get to these places and good roses how we do that. Hey quickly, Steve. Where's your go to place in Wisconsin? My go to place for fun in Wisconsin yet. I said it before, lambofield this place. I see the Packers play there. I've seen concerts there saw Billy Joel last year. We'll see McCartney Saturday. That's kind of my thing, what's your favorite place to Wisconsin. Dells. Noah's ark a lot of memories. But I once you and I told you this before the show, the kids going back in the caves up in the apostle islands. That's my dreams that's on my list of places to go. It's a ways up there, but it's worth he real quick. We got a text from a on the academic. It's talking textile in the track at Elkhart, lake four America, four point zero four eight miles, considered one of the top tracks in the world. Mario Andretti's favorite track. How about that? So lots of fun things to do. You know what the weather's year? Finally, let's start enjoying that stuff. Biggest issues biggest stories the biggest form or talking on what matters about. They just stick a mistake now live the antics.

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