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Hey. This is Sharon and how amazing would be if you could just put up one social media post an attract clients home easing would be if you could just do one instagram story and raise money for your next company how mazing would it be if influencers and celebrities are reaching out to you? To partner with them will this is story where I get deep into what bread can Knutson does and his advice on how you can actually build brand to attract investors, clients, and influencers all auto-pilot. This is amazing story where Bret drove cross country in his beat up. Ford Taurus. All the way to the bay area. And built several companies raising money without any network and today he's an adviser and the secret weapon behind some of the biggest brands and the most after celebrities in the world. This is a super tactical episode and you'RE GONNA love. Breads, humility. And also has very, very specific ideas on how you can build a brand that attracts investors. Warms up clients and wants influencers JV with you all on autopilot with my friend and the monopolize bread kanoute sin get ready. Here we go. One thing is for certain. Just because it's tried and true doesn't mean it's working right now. So the big question is this, where can you learn what is working right now the strategies, the tactics psychology, and the exact how to how to grow your business. How to blow up your personal brand and supercharge your personal growth that is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Sharon tree butter, and welcome to business. School. Bread, there's a shoe in your office. At you talk often about I, think it's back there. Right? And it's got a hole in it. And I know that shoe. Means a lot to you. Because it, there's a lot of symbolism behind it. and. The breadth that walked in those shoes literally to the breadth. That is today the whole different person with a lot of lot of gifts a lot of impact. I'd love for you to start with just kick off with that shoe story man because when I saw and heard for the first time, I was like, okay now i. Understand him and connect with them so much more. Yeah so In two thousand thirteen came up with Nigeria along with a friend of mine for a social networks called hats. And Dea stemmed from trying to saw from Imam. So my mom is disabled and. As a result for disability she lost her license this users sitting at home by herself met Burns or divorced. So chooses sitting home buyers off of living vicariously through me and my siblings because she couldn't go anywhere do anything and she's really lonely and I started looking up ways for her to may be fine new friends nearby or something, and this is two thousand twelve you know. So there wasn't really anything at that time. And so be naive is advantageous. Sometimes have no idea how insane the impossible something is say tryin inside decided to start a social networks for my mom. And led me to moving out Silicon Valley would sign raise money. and. While I was out there had nine, hundred, ninety, four tourists I drove all the way out there for Minnesota with spare the native, that's a different story but. Long Story. Short are ended up breaking down I pulled it into a fast food arthur lot nearby and I went.

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