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Upcoming episode on Finding Your Roots on PBS. Dr Gates, Good to have you again. Thank you, Scott for having me on your show. We have lunched Season seven of finding your roots. I can't believe it's amazing. It's amazing and this business second episode in Episode two. It's called Against all odds. And it features Andy Cohen and Nina Totenberg, as you know, Andy Cohen's media personality, and Nina is the famous NPR radio journalists and they meet ancestors who struggled mightily as we're going to hear to survive. Let's start with Andy Cohen and he grew up in ST Louis, where his family owned a food distribution company known as Last Co. And both of his parents worked there and as a youth, of course, So did Andy. The company's origins lay with the Andes. Great Grandfather Mandate. Lewis Allen Lewis came to America from Russia in the 18 nineties, when he was about 23 years old. He had nothing. Of course. He started out as a peddler, hauling his wares from farmhouse to farmhouse on foot before he was even able to afford awards in the cart. And he went on. He saved his pennies. And he found that a dry goods store that would eventually grow into Louis Allen sons and company and its acronym is last Go Now. A rival records show that Lewis came to America from a small town outside of the city of B, A. With stock in modern day Poland. It was at that time, part of the Russian empire located what was known that's pale of settlement. The records from the paler scarce we were able to show Andy Incredibly, the synagogue where his family most likely worshiped and to trace his Alan line. Their name was yelling Back in Russia. We traced the Alan line back to his fourth great grandfathers who were likely born in 17 50. A quarter of a century before the American revolution. Wow! Endings 100% Ashkenazi Jewish, but he had a beautiful, brilliant didna cousin who? Scarlett Johansson. Wow! On those. She's Scandinavian. Her mother is Jewish. And that's the connection. And now I'll tell you about Nina Totenberg need his father, Roman Totenberg was a world famous violinist suit. Let a truly epic life Roman was born in 1911 to middle class Jewish family. What is now pull it In part of the Russian Empire. He was a child prodigy and talents helped him survive and feed his family during the Russian revolution and the massive famines that followed that by the early 19 thirties, he had a fabulous career touring Europe in the Americas. And the statue is an artist's enabled him to immigrate to the United States as World War two loomed, But that didn't mean his family back in Europe was safe. After Roman came to America, his mother status, Wahba found yourself trapped in Paris, unable to leave due to American immigration quotas, and Roman Oh, Scott. It's so sad, desperately tried to get his mother out, found all these letters he wrote to all these government officials. And unlike the vast majority of European Jews, Nina's grandmother got out quickly because of that, the day after France surrendered to the Nazis standing Suada cross into port school the day after France surrendered. Wow! It was able to board one of the last ships carrying Jewish refugees to America, but that his mother has been saved. The family's ordeal wasn't over. His older sister need is on you, Nina. Stranded in Warsaw with her husband and child. When the Nazis invaded, Then fall of 1940. The Germans established a ghetto for Warsaw's Jewish population. You Nina's husband died in that ghetto, though you need to manage to obtain false papers and escaped with her young daughter, Miraculously. At least 10 of Romans. Many aunts, uncles and cousins perished in the Warsaw ghetto, and she had a famous didna cousin. And that was Carly. Simon. Really? Yeah. And of course I can't wait to see the show. It's on Wednesday nights on PBS. Check your local listings for the time and Dr Gates will talk to you again next week. Okay, Take.

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