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And then I should have superstar episode last. Let's this week. I haven't been back since season four. Yes that's awesome and I did my first voiceover. Wow yes up next year on adult swim and luckily i got to do a lot of stuff on in two thousand nineteen before the pandemic started. I got to do a whole season of eric. Andre which is out right now. Every sunday at midnight on adults swim identify them flakes. And i would look at enough to be one of the last comment to shoot a special before up a shot mine in the beginning of june. Okay i was about to ask about that. Because i saw the special which is hilarious. By the way. And i saw at the end you were taking pictures with fans and everything like that so i was wondering if it was pre cova ed. Post cova coleman. Wow wow that's awesome. And then i was gonna ask to. Obviously you've got a lot going on. You decided to do not just one special but to specials and not just in one language but two languages. So you've you've got bad decisions in english melissa's yoenis in. What was the driving force for you to say. You know what. I'm not going to do one but i'm gonna do to and i'm going to do one in spanish i don't know i just want to do something different. I wanted to challenge myself like my first basho. At only one week to prepare and got my own material and play on together two weeks and the second special my wife and i we both produced light with data with our own money and this special deal with h never blake's so we through when you know what what would just do do specials when an english word spanish and asked me. Do you speak spanish. Good enough so i i. Once i had like an hour of english i started working on the spanish hutch. What more mature of that. Good into spanish and further the wrong way. I like riding my jokes and then going through google translate. The words were not translating. Well yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so to may be wanna make comedian. They've named poets. My in the road with me and helped me translate the material that i could translate from english spanish and i took one that once a month to those. Oh my god and what is it like doing comedy over in. Tijuana is different because in america. A reduced banish common in america. And you mess up the word in english. The very forgiving. Because they're like you know they. They're my skin american crowd. They know english and they know spanish rice of you messed ba- word is probably a word. They mess up to so the with you But it makes me go if you miss about word order. Spanish you silence. Can we messed up by spanish word. Go back to england now. The majority of the people there in my spanish lengthy wanna spoke may lisa first language was spanish and of course there are some people they were show. That were deported from the united states. And they were living in mexico now and they went to my show. of course. then you everything Shit that was surprising because a of my audience. When i thought noticed once like the word spread that i was come into mexico to do shows another people from san diego bakersfield. We're actually thinking of drive to one two for the day to eat tacos by liu jemima's and they were to show and then after the show go back to the united states for real men prison ho l..

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