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Point? I mean, do you release them? Do you try to get what you can out of them in the trade? What do you think you could get out of him in a trade? And what's the point of having to kill Harry on the roster at this point? So I think you bring the keel to camp. You have him because remember last year at camp he was amazing. Do you remember that? We were all talking about the zit. You were all talking about, by the way, I never bought in on this. You were all talking about this is it. He's finally clicking. This is the year. They have their receiver. Do you remember that? So I was going to say, do you remember who he was going up against samosas? Yeah. That's what you do. You bring to keel and you want to camp. You haven't run a bunch of one on ones. I hope one of them dominates the other to the point where he creates enough buzz and you move them. Like, I'm serious. I know I sound like I'm okay. Had that opportunity. So if he makes that catch against the eagles, in the preseason game, and it doesn't get hurt. Remember he had in his hands. He gets hurt, hard to shoulder. If he makes that catch, I truly think that the Patriots might have gotten something for Nikhil Harry at the end of the summer. Exactly. And so I'm saying, do the same thing again, like, put him out there against the fourth string. Put him out there in camp in pre season games, put him out there against the worst of the worst. He's gifted enough that he's gonna shine. We saw it last year. Like if you put him out there against XFL USFL guys, he's gonna be the best player on the field. Right. Put him out there in those situations. Yeah. Wow, look at what did he kill Harry's doing there? I don't think.

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