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Rescue union school district Eldorado county has been canceled Ford Wednesday Solano county community college for all four campuses on Wednesday and no online cap classes in Rocklin unified had warned about closing schools but they now say their schools will be open in Rockland the plan power outages are not expected to affect patients at local hospitals emergency manager Christina Spurgeon of UC Davis hospital says they have backup generators things like the operating room the patient rooms the procedural areas all of our important refrigerated good and medications are all on emergency power officials with Sutter health say they are in communication with P. Jeannie regarding potential power shut off plans out of the very latest in the impeachment controversy in the divide years growing deeper this morning congressman Adam Schiff Democrat California says the trump administration blocking the European Union ambassador Gordon Sunland from testifying in the impeachment inquiry is evidence of obstruction of justice shift has been a leading outspoken critic of trump over the years eight years after the state department blocked the ambassador from testifying it's our featured audio clip this hour the failure to produce this witness the failure to produce these documents we consider yet additional strong evidence of obstruction of the constitutional functions of Congress a co equal branch of government there are four issues that we are looking at at least for issues that we're looking at all of that go to the heart of our national security.

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