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Collagen collagen is what your body needs for the year digestive system to work properly for you to build muscle for your joints to work. It's a very is almost a universal way for you to make yourself healthier. But the most important part of this is the fact that you'll lose weight with good exercise program thinking about what you eat taking college into support your body all of these things help amazingly to not only get the weight off. But to keep it off on its own nutrients your body needs to function more efficiently. Those are the ingredients in Calatrava. I think we're got. A pretty convincing message here. So let me send you to top loss dot com for special d of us the DJ v code and you'll be on your way to losing weight and keeping it off. That's top loss dot com, and you'll get a better pricing deal. Using the code d j v. And now a quick comparison from grasshopper when picking a phone number for business. What sounds more professional your personal number? Hold on. Let me give you myself. And actually, let me get your stoop. Just so I don't ignore you call you know, or a dedicated business number courtesy of grasshopper. It was a pleasure meeting. You numbers one eight three three IT troop, give us a call anytime. There's no contest. Put your best voice forward with grasshopper, the virtual phone system for small business. Try it free at grasshopper dot com. What's in store for your business this week at Staples token and toner of our appreciation may is.

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