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You can listen to them any time you want, and we have a lot of podcasts on a podcaster very specific. When I do a podcast like this week, I did a podcast. On Tyrus, scene for brain fatigue, tyra scenes and amino acid. It's a fall, but your thyroid gland it's in followed other things in the body. But if you're really stressed out and fatigued, mentally like like, Let's say You went out Friday night, Ah to dinner, and you had too many drinks. And then Saturday night at a wedding But someday you have to go give a speech. If you take Tyrus Scene 500 million into 1000, MG. It brings back to brain energy. So it's not a replacement for sleep. But when you've overdone it, it kind of makes up for that. She could use it one or two days. When your When your brain's really tarred, it really helps. In fact, when somebody has jet lag I give the melatonin at night. And L. Tyra scene in the morning, and it researched a time clock and they're not suffering for two or three days, which yet leg like the next day. They feel pretty much fine. So I give him, you know, So let's say you're going from New York to Japan, right? That's a lot of time zones. So you know you're going to feel it, right? Um You take the melatonin when you go to bed at night and you take the tyre Ishan When you wake up, it's great for Jelic. It really is. It's a 12 punch. It works really well. Okay, Let's move on. So melatonin 3 MG on special Phase two. It'll help you lose fattest on special is very safe on one more thing about face to help people lose fat. I give them two capsules of Phase two. What a glass of water about five minutes before each meal three times a day. So what happens when you're finished losing the weight? That always comes back and bite you because over the next three months, you start to gain the weight back again, People Really work hard to lose 10 2030 £40, right. Maybe it took him a year. Maybe it took him a half year. And now they're off to diet, and they do okay for a month or two. But then the weight starts sneaking back. Take the face to once a day before your biggest meal, and that will help keep the weight off again. So you don't want to. Yo yo diet that's actually dangerous for your heart in your pancreas and your kidney and liver and you bring you don't want to lose weight gain weight lose weight gain weight. That's bad for you. So when you lose the way stay on some face to take it once a day to capsule for the glass of water before your biggest male, which is generally your dinner. It'll still taste delicious. You're just not absorbing all that sugar from the pasta or the bread of potatoes or rice or character, beans or whatever it might be. Now let's move on. Now car with Ayla is on special. That's kind of like my my favorite brain supplement. I take three every day once a day. I take three. Between breakfast and lunch. Like a couple hours after breakfast because away from food, it gets into my brain more successfully. But it does a lot of really important things for my brain. A lot of really important things from my brain. It helps create new memory cells while preventing the death of older memory cells. Um young people have a lot of anti oxidants in the brain that lower brain inflammation. Onda prevents a process called Apatow Sis improper loss. Improper. Apatow sis improper removal off a branch shells. Well. Alcohol with Ayla helps restore those antioxidant levels in an ageing brain to help prevent Apatow. So they've seen us in human clinical trials. Alcohol with Ayla helps prevent the death of existing healthy brain cells. On the other end. Al car with Ayla helps you create new memory cells every night. Now, young people do that very effectively. When they go into a very deep sleep there past the stages where you're dreaming there into a really deep rest ful Sleep day, release a fertilizer for their brain. Called brain derived neurotrophic factor. And in young people they create about 506 107 100 new memory cells every night when they go to bed. Um, with every decade that gets less and less So by the time you're in your fifties and sixties, you're releasing a lot less brained arrived nor traffic factor. She every day. You lose some memory cells. You're supposed to replace them now, 10 years ago, we didn't know that We thought once you lose your memory cell, it's over. But about 89 years ago, we learned that. Hey, you actually do replace Old memory cells. So a young person is releasing so much brain derived neurotrophic factor. By the time they reach 50. They've replaced every single memory so 600 a night. In 50 years. There's a lot of memory cells. But when you're in your forties and fifties, you're doing it at a much slower rate and buy time. You're in your sixties. It's they're not keeping up with with the memory loss. You're losing more memory cells. Then you're replacing. So what happens the brain? Dr Neurotrophic factor, which one Harvard neurologist coined Micro what they call micro a miracle quo. He call it Miracle Gro for the break. When you really sprain arrive nor trophy factor you're taking Progeny, ater stem cells and converting them into neuron thinking memory sold. Learning sells problem solving cells..

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