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This story that Russ and his colleagues have contributed to the question to you. David. What could come from all of this. Well, an illegal sense we've already seen the New York State Department of taxation is sending my open an investigation. I think you might see investigations in New York City and New York state, which would have been deprived of lots and lots of tax payments under the system. In addition to the IRS journalistically. This is an amazing story in one of the things that I really love about it is it gives us a template for where to look next, the schemes that Donald Trump's father and Donald Trump of self employed to avoid income tax. It gives us a place to look, okay. Did they repeat those those same schemes and other context is something that's happened more recently under Trump's own leadership and not under his father's David. Do you think we will see? And I guess this calls for a judgment on your part, but you live this story to do you think we will see the president's tax returns in our lifetime. We really asking me if Democrats will ever win control of any house of congress because I don't think Donald Trump will ever give them up at the Democrats do take either house of congress. They will have the power to request and if they want to make public, the president's tax returns, imagine that they will if they have that power, this mother things like some lawsuits that are going on regarding the emoluments clause, where there could be some discovery, it's possible those could lead to the revelation of the president's tax returns. But unless the Democrats get political power and use that power to get those returns, I don't think we'll ever see them because the secret of life is timing. These are live pictures from Andrews Air Force base as the president has landed from. Tonight's rally in Mississippi reminder. The first lady is on her trip on the African continent in Ghana. I off on her trip. He will now switch to Marine One fly over to the White House. Russ just for the folks who are going to read it, have already read it. Is there any way to. Explain to lay people the effort that went into this, how many months? How many people, how many lawyers, how many words the the of of our effort. So it was eighteen month effort. Three of us, my colleague, sue Craig, David Bar sto much of that locked in a room with the shades drawn. We brought in a group of sort of pocket advisors very experienced trust in the state attorneys, accountants, and whatnot who we could run by our findings as they came up. And then we also developed a network of sources of people who were in and around the Fred Trump Donald Trump empire during the pertinent years here. And then through that process gained access to a couple of hundred tax returns later, Fred, Trump's businesses, his general ledgers, his Bank statements, and we were able to collate all that into a sort of cohesive narrative of what transpired. On top of everything else. You must now deal with environmentalists because I'm told you're a tree killer. They added eight pages. Apparently there's a print version of the New York Times website that they put out every day and they added eight pages to the print run that meant bringing in union typesetters and printing workers tonight for the New York Times. So maybe you've made the holidays more joyous for some families, and there are some trees in the Pacific northwest that are no more..

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