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Commerce city. So this is a hit and run the suspect vehicle a silver or blue dodge truck the incident happened a little after four thirty this afternoon at east seventy second place and magnolia street in commerce city. It is a truck that hit a motorcycle. No word on the condition of that motorcyclists. But the suspected truck driver is believed to be a Hispanic meal in his late thirties who may have a moustache again police looking for blue or silver in color dodge truck that was involved in a hit and run with a motorcycle in commerce. City this afternoon. If you see that vehicle, you're asked to call either commerce city or Adams county police attorney general Jeff Sessions has outlined the charges so far against suspected serial mail. Pipe bomber Fifty-six-year-old Caesar SaK illegal mailing of explosives threats against former presidents and certain other persons threatening interstate communications and assaulting current and former federal officer FBI director Christopher race spoke with what led investigators to say 'Ok based on their initial analysis. They uncover latent fingerprint from one of the envelopes containing an IUD that had been sent to congresswoman Maxine Waters officials say a Twitter account belonging to the Fifty-six-year-old. Ceo is full of aggressive comments toward liberal politicians. Say acquis arrested in south Florida and is expected to be extradited to New York to face other charges Florida records show, he has a. Decade's long criminal record. And he could be facing nearly sixty years in prison. A fish killed this week in left hand creek Meagan Hughes with the State Department of public health says it was caused by a release of contaminated water at the captain Jack mill Superfund site near the town of ward in Boulder County the treatment process. The new innovative system that filters the mind source through a limestone bed, and it recirculating the water to further upstream and neutralize the acidity something apparently went wrong with that process. And that coupled with low flows in left hand creek caused the fish kill five miles below the Superfund site sports. He's been nicknamed cheetah chiefs. Punt returner tyreek hill will pose a challenge for the Broncos Sunday. Denver special teams coordinator Tom McMahon says like it or not they'll have to punt till you don't have a choice. You know, some coaches will tell you you can get a punter and he can punt it out of bounds. Every play. They can put it out of bounds at thirty yards. And then we're all fired, you know. So you net thirty yards, and that's reality of it. You know, everybody says just get a guy that can find out about they're not out there. We'd all have him. He'll return the only punky caught thirty seven yards against the Broncos in Kansas City's win earlier this season and also caught nine passes our coverage Sunday morning at seven with kickoff and eleven on the home of the Broncos KOA news..

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