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There would toe finidi found was it actually tasted great now i could share one other story to which would cut a recently been celebrated back in 1926 macy's really introduce the baked potato bar for the first time this was when they're walnut room restaurant in the in macy's in chicago and they were the first to feature baked potato is a menu item and uh that was so successful immediately uh a successful item that just two recently of i'm talking 2015 uh macy's wanted to celebrate the hundred hundred and 25th anniversary of the big potato in their in their uh stores and the they invited us to a commission to sponsor a very unique a baked potato barwhor were we we provided one hundred twenty five toppings different toppings for the auto brake doodles italy's heard over a thousand of these uh these bakers and so what were some of the early toppings like back then in the 20s when macy's had they're baked potato bar what we're things that people would put on it then we'll no surprise it would be butter and sour cream for sets a poet younes one of her favorite items to put on her a big potatoes will do you know how the baked potato became affiliated with steakhouse as it's such a classic to have a stake in a baked potato you know it goes back uh and in a lot of it really goes back to toughen eddie because he was again in the early thirties when restaurants were trying to stay in business because you'll disturned depression.

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