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Said yeah we got a bit of the you know we did a lot of this stuff this back engineering style but we will do it because we we needed to work on the you to work on other spike he also said that there were times where they had the basically time the movement of the satellites satellites will were they would basically bring on cardboard cutouts of aircraft and they would set them up on the tarmac so the russians with their work on some use new vehicle or something and did you know that they would do to play jokes on the russians the satellites will pass over but he did indicate and i thought it was a super the tongan it was amazing sevilla tung the if you want to talk aliens and if you want to talk crash retrievals if you want to talk about all that he needed tied pattern worked at wrightpatterson air force base absolutely your something throw employees if you use all turks so straight out of marfa texas okay light note martha lights and i thought the border patrol the settlers in east it'll come up where in each day will fly correlation and he said it's gotten to the point that posting a her agents going in the area to worry about the light won't by chill what about the big explosion whereas owner you know we've been talking about what the phoenix lights and and all of a sudden his the kingman light large light huge light exploding over zone of this morning early morning scaring people knocking them out of their bed that's really creepy this stuff like that happens and once again we blink and things like that go down and we not one p from our government about how healthy failed to protect us from falling rocks from space so a rusty i really appreciate your law that i thank you so much for giving us that information you have a good night let's go to jim in washington hi jim younger hi there it is an honor to speak with you mr lewis thank you for giving me about it on your show i think it's funny mentioned dugway proving ground the moment ago that was part of my call according.

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