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Headlines you set up and now all of the news you would probably in this time for date as quick for another horrific story that happened over the weekend this though took place at Tate modern boys six a six year old boy is fighting for his life he was thrown from the galleries tenth floor balcony and for I was horrified mother a seventeen year old was arrested for his attempted murder in London it was the gallery on the south bank of the same day close all points of entry and the little boy was thrown I mean quite a distance thankfully he's he's fighting and we hope he pulls through and there's more about that perpetrator to McConnell Mitch McConnell fractured his shoulder in a fall at his Kentucky home he says he's going to be okay and nothing's going to be stopping him from returning after their back from session are back back from break in session rather Berkeley California somehow bands natural gas in addition to what all the band they've been I don't I can't even keep track of everything that they banned so they have a ban on natural gas lines and appliances as well as part of their green initiative and then of course there's the straw situation and a bunch of other things too we also have a McDonald's employee who was fired for refusing service to paramedics because she thought that they were police officers according to Yahoo news she says we don't accept anyone with a badge of course McDonald's is taking swift action on this it took place in Madeira beach Florida they just wanted to use the restroom and had been denied we have a lot coming up red flag laws video games assault weapons all of that and more will address it staying at I've had my pillow now for four years and before I got my first my pillow I had problems Spain sleep and wake up with either a sore neck or my pillow was just not comfortable enough and I just needed to fix it I needed a nap even after a full nights sleep white today with my pillow I feel like I fall asleep so much faster and I sleep.

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