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Eleven confirmed cases in the US of corona virus Dr Anthony Fauci director of the National Institute for allergy and infectious diseases says routing all flights from China and passengers who have been in China recently to these airports will help keep most Americans safe given the way things are being arranged now with the ability for someone who is infected to get into the country has been markedly curtailed the risk still remains low but the situation is serious in China so pouch she says it's important to reduce risk here meal log in steam WTO Pinos reports surfaced about a week ago that the US military had killed the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula or eight Q. A. P. and we're learning more now about why it was the Pensacola naval station attack a video emerged from AQAP over the weekend indicating the group had been in touch with second lieutenant Mohammed Saeed al from me who carried out that attack the release by AQAP included a section by Qasim al Rimi claiming full responsibility for the attack that killed three US service members what's curious is that no US government or military officials will confirm reports the U. S. killed already but president trump over the weekend re tweeted social media reports discussing the killing JJ green WTOP news coming up after traffic and weather will meet our newest WTOP pet of the week looking for home ten thirty seven university of Maryland global campus was established to bring a respected state university.

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