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Now so cruel raise your good cholesterol five six seven point to point according to a bunch you Michael controls cruel lowers your triglycerides virtually as much as prescription fish oils crow raises HDL Fishel's don't do that and it makes DHL more effective that's too good cholesterol what cruel to something else to world wrongly lowers inflammation in your heart and it starts to do it within the first week within the first week in human clinical trials cruel lowers inflammation in your heart up to nineteen percent that's amazing a lot of people with heart attacks in a hospital there on Staten drugs to cholesterol is low it wasn't the cholesterol it was inflammation in their heart regular fish oils do lower inflammation of the heart a wee bit a cruel significant so every morning I'm taking micro to raise my good cholesterol to lower my bad cholesterol especially to work could worst to lower my triglycerides which is a second kind agree she fought until lower inflammation of my heart sure I'm not even going to talk about the value of crow for your brain distress tremendous value free right between the foster touch gestures into then officials will being bundled together it's amazing for your memory let's go on because we're having our sale and I could talk about anything I spoke about probiotics and your immune system I spoke about probiotics in office synuclein and you know the onset of Parkinson's disease I spoke about creatine and.

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