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Paper you're looking at that is not science thanks hsiwei which is the arrangement of certain furniture and plants inside living spaces which is a chinese arts not a science it's been debunked millions have if you want to run tests like this it's actually not hard if you want to run a things hsiwei test i remember this from pen and tellers bullshit a a long time ago jason you remember this they had called a bunch of really well respected fang hsiwei practitioners and some not so respected in their area and wherever they could get on the show that we are always free at the time probably but they brought them into arranged the furniture and the plants in a house and they all had different ideas in science the all use the same method they end up with the same results in something that is pseudoscience or just plain nutbag they all lined up with a different result because it's a it's an art based on their feelings at cetera it basically fits justin rennes dell's idea of pseudoscience and it is therefore not real and you could scientifically test things like this it doesn't mean that it's as yet undiscovered or mystical it means that it is not size does that make sense every time i rearrange my living room i use phone j in his basically my my interpretation of where i want to sit and watch tv nights at yeah the best via the television near the heating vent depending on the season yeah i hear exactly now i'd like to point out that the name is right there on the tin pseudoscience pseudo is defined as not genuine or a sham in other words there synonyms of pseudo or like bogus phony fake false misleading contrived but the opposite of pseudo is genuine so pseudoscience right in the name is fake science so there you go there you go all right next up hey guys i found myself in a difficult spot i'm trying to get back on the dating seen after a fiveyear relationship in what i'm finding the most difficult thing to approach is the fact that i don't drink i got sober during my previous relationship and well my ex was supportive towards the end of our relationship she just really began to discover going out and partying is she's an early twenties.

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