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Have you ever been in an environment where everybody doesn't like as everybody has something negative about everything. That june is futile. The neck well. That's the experience of because sometimes to about today. Welcome to coming the influential. Made the podcast with me. Even sean kinda right so glad that you join me super grateful for your time. So let's dive right in. This week's this week is the cast of the series of of the women failed to let their failures define them and i thought who factor then. Melania trump. Why because it's christmas and people will forgive me if i say something controversial because twenty twenty one is a new year rights and also i the what. It's really interesting because twenty twenty has been capped with the knowledge of hostility. There's been racial. Tensions has been political tensions. There's been tension everywhere. You look one thing that i am about is understanding. Jenny's i thought the people i respect most in this world have been people that have a conciliatory views life. I think at without getting political. I don't have to agree with the with the right or the left in order for me to land from by decides so oftentimes i talk about people that have political views on ideological views that are aligned with my own that a more socially acceptable. But this time. I thought can i learned something from somebody who's who's a little bit more marginalized Little bit and whose views the Directly correlate with my own at mci decided to do it and not present is melania trump the first lady current fest lengthy of the united states. I am a political fate. I love politics. It's what i studied. But i never worked in it because of the nature of the beast. Shall we say so. Yeah so let's dive into the failures. That trump experience that she didn't let define how there are plenty. But i thought i would drill into the key points about where. She failed in theory and how she failed to let that define him and so the first one is that rnc speech. Oh my gosh she. It was before she'd even started right that moment where she plagiarized michelle obama's speech at the republican national convention. It was the same speech. Michelle obama had made eight years previously at the democratic national democratic national convention Vitamin not as as a human being must have been just humiliating your first moment on the world stage as it were because people do worse he thinks from across the world and you copy. Somebody helps interesting ryan. Okay next failure. I don't care to you that famous jacket. Why why that was interesting him. It was the moment where people started to say. Milania really victim. Or is she in pepetrated. Is she as cruel. For example as husband is questions really began to ring through about who this person is. I'm gonna talk about why that's malania as superpower. Shoot but for now. Let's keep going down the list of those pesky phase the batting hands so that the first fighter speech says she's unintelligent the second speech says. She's unethical and unkind. The third the third failure says she's a bad wife and that's the hand thing the whole show every time they hold hands batting off each other like what's going on. They really love each other. Offer shave she just in it for the money What's going on. It really makes people question whether these people loving marriage okay so you know the fact that she keeps swatting away. His hand will white to Donald trump's first state of the union address and that was meant to signify that she was anti him right..

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