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That's not a way to help hardworking families here in Georgia succeed Greg boosting your turn to ask a question. Yeah, this next question is for both candidates will start with Reverend. Do you plan to accept a corner virus vaccine when public health experts declared to be safe, And if so, how do you plan to persuade the public to take it? Absolutely when, when our health professionals tell us that we have a vaccine. That works on his effective and safe, I will take it. Will encourage the folks who listen to me, people who are in my church on in the community to take it. But also I will try to work hard as a senator to make sure that communities that are so often marginalized. Don't found themselves at the back of the line again that they have access to the vaccine. So often they find themselves at the back of the line and I've spent my life standing up. Fighting for ordinary people. Kelly Lefler is trying to misrepresent me. Because she knows that she has spent The 1st 10 months, all 10 months of her tenure. Thinking about herself. She's the UN elected. Senator of Georgia. She was appointed. The people of Georgia have been disappointed. They're looking for. Somebody will stand up for ordinary people. I've spent my life doing that. As a citizen, and I'll do it as a U. S. Senator. You have 30 seconds to respond to that before Greg asked this question of you. You know, I have spent every single day working for Georgians. I'm 100% about Georgia. That was my calling to public service. I was blessed to live the American dream and I want Georgians till of theirs. I was a job creator right here in Georgia. I'm the only person in this race that knows how to help Georgians. I've created jobs. He's never created a job in his life. Yet he's advocated for high taxes that would crush small businesses and families seeking that opportunity. He would take away school choice for kids who want to have that leg up and he would play politics. Justus, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have done holding up relief for political reasons, and I think that's completely wrong. Greg had a reminder of the question. Do you plan to accept the corner virus vaccine of public health experts say it's safe. And if so, how do you intend to persuade the public to take it? Absolutely. I was with vice President Pence on Friday at the CDC. I could not be more proud of what we've done this year to deliver relief but also get cures, vaccines and therapies that are effective and so I'm going to encourage my fellow Georgians. To stay safe to get that vaccine and we have a great plan to prioritize those communities who need it most, and we will make sure that that's carried out. But my opponent will continue to play politics with the pandemic telling lies and Trying to achieve political objectives that would try to radically change our country at a moment of a pandemic. I'm going to continue to fight for every single Georgian to have the freedoms and the opportunities that they deserve and not be crushed by big government. It would have government mandated healthcare that would provide free healthcare for illegal immigrants that would raise their taxes to pay for government health care and that would bankrupt Medicare. Making sure that Georgians have the resource is they need while we keep our taxes and our government low and small He said. It's your turn to ask a question. Dr Warner Cotino Streible Lakis is an Atlanta business owner who had to close her doors because she was unable to pay thousands and back grant due to the pandemic. President elect Turbine considers it a top priority to get a generous stimulus package through Congress. And you said you support that. But if you were to speak to patina, what would you ensure her that you would do in Washington to help? Her and other business owners get the help that they need. Well, my dad was a small business owner. And so I understand the struggle. That small business owners have, and I spent time in my church, creating a financial literacy center. That helps people to get started. And so I think a good sign of what someone will do in office. Is what they were doing before they ever went into office. And I've spent my whole career standing up for ordinary people. Trying to. In fact, we had a job center in my church. Contrary to what Senator Lefler is trying to suggest. And I have stood up for ordinary workers time and time again. You know, During this pandemic we call people in central workers. Got to pay them in the central wage. We also provide small business owners like her the assistance and the support. That they need Kelly Lefler is out of touch. She's thinking about people who are like her. And I'm okay with the fact that she wants to make money. I just think you shouldn't use to people's seat. Enrich yourself. You ought to use the people seat. You represent the people. I'd like to respond. Please do Look. These are more lies from radical liberal Raphael Warnock, someone that has invited Fidel Castro, a murderous dictator into his own church, someone that has celebrated anti American anti Semite Jeremiah Wright. You know, he has also said that police officers are Gangsters and thugs and refused to apologize for it. He said that you can't serve God in the military. He has actually made sure that we know who he is, in his own words. Those aren't my words. I'm working hard to serve Georgians. I've served thousands of Georgians and I'm so proud to represent this state and help Georgians through this challenging time. Reverend. As I understand it. You were young men in that church in New York. Would you like to respond to the suggestion? You invited him? There's a lot of steak right now. In the middle of this pandemic, and it's too bad that she's engaged in the politics of destruction and division. I never met him. Never invited.

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