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We want to say in America Larisa you don't like him at all again fish fish and more fish some more results of her court case come in right so long Oh, man, disorderly conduct it got it got right. They got knocked so it got knocked down to disorderly conduct and the case is closed. Okay case is closed and this month, but she says said there's a quote cult. Shoot me three times dodged the bullet and now she has nothing attaching her to Coulter Debbie anymore, but she will talk about them forever. So don't worry forever bow. She has her immigration case to go. So maybe do you think that she could change her face? Listen, her face is ever-changing. So I liked this is the first time I've liked an outfit. I've seen her in a long time like leather pants. Yeah any blue shirt? Very cute with her face is upsetting to me now. She's Michael Jackson when she is though. She is legitimately Michael Jackson because when she first came on the show, I'm like, oh she's cute. She has a nice body. She was a regular looking. Yeah, she's gross now. Yeah, she's very scary now. So let's talk about Sinjin who looks rough. He looks like he was at the castle with Andre and Libby he found something happening to him and it's not good. Okay. Well, it's called alcoholism and let me tell you about Andrew and James I Have never wanted to be friends less with two people. Okay, did you not want to be friends with them because they're drunks or did you not want to be friends though? Because they couldn't stop screaming both also the one of them, I don't know which one was which okay, but the one that looked like Ed Norton made everything into a song he made every site but I couldn't take it off. Oh, okay. All right, so they scream at the restaurant there screaming they're screaming when that that's like so nice. That's his real friends and life is nice know. This is not nice at all. So his friends are fat shaming him. Andrew is so annoying. He keeps calling him fat now. They just jagerbombs. Yes. Jogger birth. I was that they called them. Yeah, so it turns out that when he met Tanya those were his roommates and she moved in with them for two months and they may not like her surprised. I'm not surprised at home. So Tanya Style. No, I'm not surprised at all. But he also allowed it. Oh, yeah, he allowed to be you know, so did they didn't say like, okay she has to move out or we're leaving, you know. Yeah. So now he thought it was an emoji feeling. Okay, but what does that mean? I don't know. Okay, but it would and then it was a lust bubble. He was at a loss the bubble. He was a drunk that's what happened. They're all drunk and they don't know what they're saying. That's pretty much says he doesn't know if he's ready for commitment and his friend goes you're already married and he's like, well, it's about to coconut palm. There's a lot of this butts and coconuts. I love that that made me laugh. Is that a saying have you ever heard that before? I've never heard it before but I don't know if it's a thing or not, but I like it like that by 2:00 2:30..

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