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The last couple of weeks. Well, thank you. Really great job. Thank you very much. For sure starters, David Johnson. You're going to start him start. This is where Kansas City's defense is still poor. David David Johnson, James white. I'm still going white over Johnson, even with Sony. Michelle though. Okay. But it's tough to sit. David Johnson this week chiefs allow five point two yards per carry two running backs and. To say the least little bubble in the passing game the running backs as well. David Johnson to get four catches last week. It's for Zona. Nobody starting. Josh Rosen Mahomes is number one for Dave and Jamie number three for heath. Chiefs are easy now. Now, I just wanna say AirAsia does allow the fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks no quarterback scored more than twenty three fantasy points against the cardinals in six point per passing. Touchdown leagues is Mahomes going to be worth the price. No, no. I don't think he's going to be worth the price. But mostly now may feel sorry the Browns. We're also doing very well against quarterbacks last weekend, but homes carpet them up. So that's not because of the matchup. It's just because Aaron Rodgers cheaper than he is an era Rogers going to be better than he is. Star Kareem hut. Tyreek hill kind of juju. Smith Schuster like tyreek hill has five to eight fantasy points in non in five of his last seven games, and he's never been a huge catch guy. His other two games were twelve fantasy points, which is good and thirty two fantasy points, which is why it's tough to ever bench of magic benched for that patriots game. But you know, what do you think here? The cardinals are pretty good against the passing game. Is tyreek hill. It's a stupid question. I know it was going to start him. But. Number three wide receiver in non P R, the number four wide receiver NPR. But it's so it's games. He is a lot of bad. And most of them are at home. Arizona's Robert woods Cup. Allen Robinson the Seattle wide receivers. Digs Damari Thomas to eight or fewer fantasy points in non PPO. He also could be getting somewhat of a target boost of Sammy Watkins doesn't play. That's true. If Sammy Watkins does play starter sit. Watkins. Yeah. Number through, walk ins, or FitzGerald, and then walk ins or Kirk. Fitzgerald and then walk. It's and I'm assuming we're talking or I'd go Fitz Gerald Watkins Kirk start Kelsey, and how much do you like the chiefs? C is okay. This is a tough week for DSP's. So I think they a good one these tough week for Disney's I think it's a tough week for DST's. I had a hard time coming up. There's a lot of great streamers. I think I think that it's a it's kind of a weird week for DSP. What I'd say because there's some that. I want would normally want to start that. I don't this week and vice versa. All right. Yeah. It's just be a fun game. Because the the cardinals have some impressive stats, but like they haven't allowed of touchdown to a tight end in six straight games, including Burton Kittle and Rudolf. So obviously, we'll start Kelsey. But we'll I guess we'll see how good this cardinals defense is all they have to do is be respectable New England at Tennessee stat of the game number one. All right, listen, Sony. Michelle owners, Alex Collins is the.

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