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So. Okay. 'cause guy cooks all your favorite foods, and is very respectful, but he swears you look exactly like their sister. But says that's a good thing. I don't. No. I don't hate that one. That's right. So Mark's guy is super patient. All the movies that you just started watching a month ago. But he tenders during sex. Tender's tender. Yeah, I'm going back as. All right. So that's bit for. All right. So now, you discard the cards of us, and it could replace them who want to be the next person beca. Right. We're gonna find somebody for you. But you gotta get rid of the cards. You've already used in. You can replace them. Okay. Well, she doesn't need cards 'cause we're she's playing you just need car. She has already have. Yeah. This is so. That's terrible tenders during when he said, it looks like your sister. But is not a bad. We're none of my where that bat. My other one said if he looked like their sister, then you fit in with the family, so cute, and like your kids are going to go. But it says has the names of all their exes tattooed on their face. That was my. To mine was like has scissors for hands. But that's not even that. That's weird. That's That's true. true. That is it didn't seem realistic. Little chiller. All right. Let's pick a guy for Becca. Okay. Hand outs Edward Scissorhands. Okay. So these are that for one for your guy Tania's guy for Becca. He's trying to hook him up with. Oh my God. Okay. Let me give you one. I he can get you a table at any five star restaurant anytime anyplace. Okay. All right. Tanya, trusting? Yeah. Owns one of every car. Are you trying to? One either because one of them one of mine is organic farmer. Hello tanya. That's my mate, Rebecca. Okay. What about always knows how to stop me from crying don't cry that off? I know. But that's a great attribute. So let's look at our red flags and see how we can sabotage. But didn't love my hand. I'm not gonna lie Scissorhands now only. What's it brings this is probably create my own. It is if you want it or I can replace it love it. Make it worth our time. If you're yeah. That exciting. All right, Tania's guy. What would the positive attributes again for your guys trusting or knows how to stop me from crying? He does. But he also doesn't think women should vote. Oh, misogynist. Is that what it's called? Yeah. All right. Then my guy. He can get you that five star table in any restaurant. He also owns one of every car, but he hates Grey's anatomy..

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