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This tuesday for pennsylvania's eighteen congressional district trying to give this man republican candidate wrecks the kona a boost it's vitally important that you sent an ally of the president and ally of your family's to washington because we have a country to save folks president trump at the rally in moon township pa saying of democratic challenger conner lam lam the lamp he's tried to act like a republican so we get he won't give me one vote the president then saying that if he met the democrat quote i might like him and then rick is going to be very angry at me president trump sounded optimistic in several comments about north korea today and the possibility of a meeting with that nation's leader after pennsylvania rally i may leave faster we may sit down and make the greatest deal for the world and for all of these countries including frankly north korea that's what i hope happens abc news here's rim sam nunn berg the former trump campaign aide who testified this week before special counsel robert moller's grand jury saying of the russian president and us chief executive adam reported if you look at it objectively is really taking advantage of the president the justice department is proposing to ban bumps oxfam's devices the turn legal weapons in a machine guns lease the napa valley california say the gunman who killed three female hostages before killing himself during a standoff inside of veterans home was a decorated war veteran abc's marcy gonzalez in jaen fill the victims have been identified as psychologist dr jennifer golik and dr jennifer gonzalez as well as the executive director of the pathway home dr christine loh over the family of psychologist dr jennifer golik tells us he was a devoted mother and wife and there are reports that dr jennifer gonzalez was seven months pregnant with.

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