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Number two dunkirk sera a frenetic almost dizzying world war two drama with shades of mad max fury road director christopher nolan crafts a visual spectacle that is loaded with suspense a handful of truly jarring moments that make you grip your seat and stellar performances from the likes of tom hearty killian murphy and mark rylance i'm sure you're going to have plenty more undone kirk and your top10 so i'm along to number one lady bird wa down the best film of 2017 is ladybird lau credit gervais grow and directed a movie that pools a your heart strings makes you laugh in connects you to your past sir sharon in place a senior at a catholic high school living in sacramento in the early 2000s which really hit home for me as someone who attended a catholic high school at that time i mean the music the school uniforms being told to leave room for the holy spirit a dances brought me all back guys ladybird goes through just about every restful situation a high school or can face wanted to be popular doing drugs getting trouble is near rigidity etc and she unleashes all of her angst on her mother played by the wonderful laurie metcalf who is working double shifts as a nurse to keep the flame louis afloat after lady birds father loses his job throughout all the strife with her mother in the indelible hurdles of adolescence there is this sense of sweetness that bleeds through at all i think the film is really connected with audiences because lady bird is such a relatable character everyone either who someone just like her when they were in high school or ladybird serves as this a mulligan nation of two or three people that they knew in high school either way those memories take you back in make you reflect on what you've overcome in your own coming of age story bravo all i love it well ridden i'm telling you a lot of civil liberties here this is fantastic by the way i've gotta line out to credit girl wig answer sharoni so fingers crossed we can get either lose task movie of the year guy back out drop in the matzek on that i did think just as the big sick appeal to be obvious.

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