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The it department um she was an avid uh mass transit and training aficionado he um wrote corps uh mass transit magazine uh he was the kind of person who is really just an advocate in the back row then he could be a source of insight about the history of why certain bus routes were the way it they were that the way to where they were the way they were um he was kind of a quirky fellow he actually had he actually purchased an old retired king county metro bus and you could see that in uh the church parking lot where he attended um every sunday in seattle in and uh and the calm area um transit train advocates are pretty much a there were a closeknit group and so i think that he's going to be miss than the uh his passing will uh sent ripples throughout uh through that that i was going to ask serious how how be no you i know you are realm isn't now i know what his role was i was to ask how europe pat sexually crossed yeah so i um i serve as chair of the pierce transit advisory committee and so we will get presentations i've i i served on that committee for a number of years now and um we get presentation some time than you know sometimes the wifi goes out with or the project your needs um i'm looking at and uh that's how how we cross past initially i remember the we we uh during the um service cuts for king county metro or the brief service tough um route forty seven was being discontinued and so we went to uh we both went on the last run of that of that boss uh of course they're just before the service restored but um we got that the talking uh about uh the future of pierce transit at that at that time as well what hell's two two two two mit remember him the way that he should be remember what what do you think people need to know about s uh so i i think that i mean you know is he he was such a a strong proponent of of of interest that he rail travel and i think that um what he would want from this from this incident is too um have that emphasis on tasty on rail safety and i think that what he.

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