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How the heck are you, man? I am terrific. I hope you were. Well, I hope you're not exhausted By three days of hearings. I'm going to come back to those hearing in a second. I have to ask you first about the 100 Biden story Because you're you practiced law for a while, didn't you Before you? You ascended to the August ranks of the United States Senate. I did? Yeah, I am looking at a document where Hunter Biden was retained of counsel for a million dollars. Engagement letter a million dollars in order for him to pick other lawyers for a Chinese super company. Have you ever heard of a million dollar engagement? Some Not under these circumstances, and that is pretty good work. You don't get it. I just I just find the moon. Emails to be extraordinary men is a servant of mine. This is this is serious is full of heart attacks and a stroke. It is major. Major party nominees. Of the United States of America. The most powerful country in all of human history. What? Two half weeks before an election. And every single, solitary responsible news organization in America and the world. Needs to be working to determine the veracity of these allegations and those emails and if they're not They're doing the American people. The people of this world who have freedom. A gross disservice. I have practice off for me. I practiced law for 35 years I returned from big firm practice two years ago. My license. Is there still active. I look for authenticity before I report something. The pictures of 100 biting that are included in the file suggests that the computer is legit and therefore that the emails are legit. But what is not legit is an email that suggests a million dollar engagement letter. A retainer of a million dollars. I have practiced for 35 years in one of the biggest firms in the country. I have never seen anything like the Senator Kennedy ever It's serious. And the New York Post. Is a reputable newspaper. They're subject they have lawyers. You're subject to the defamation and libel walls and slander laws of America. They have determined the authenticity. But yet Twitter and Facebook I have decided not to disseminate the news. And the Twitter and Facebook need to be very careful with the American people are watched. And they're going to start playing favorites. If there are no winners and losers. And decide what the news is fit the Brenton which isn't They're going to be on time consequences to that. And I found the Republicans. But bag about right. Thank you. Democrats. Well, there has to be one rule and the one rule was not applied to illegally obtain documents concerning President Trump's tax returns, and they're being applied to legally obtained documents. As far as I can tell, regarding Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden. Now let's go to Amy Cockney Barrett. The good news story of the week at, say one more thing. You sure? Absolutely. I mean, I just I found this extraordinary. I mean, think about the message that the sense President Obama put Vice President Biden in charge of the foreign affairs of two countries, You could grind a chance. And his son walked away. With millions and millions of dollars in contracts. Now I don't know whether you broke a law or not, but I know the message that was sent to the world. And that is that America's foreign policy can be ball. Like a sack of potatoes. And we got to get to the bottom of this. It's unfortunately very late in the cycle, but I don't think the censorship will work. Everyone's talking about it. Everyone in America knows about it. I hope it move the needle in the election because I think it's serious. Let's talk about Judge Barrett. I have watched the confirmation hearings up close, and so I was in the Reagan administration is an assistant counsel in 1985. And I know that I've seen good nominees and bad nominee I have never seen anyone as composed and as completely in command of everything as Judge Barat, you've been on that committee for a while. We lose the senator. We lost the senator. He called him back. He dropped. We managed to get that in. I had such a wonderful introduction to ask. Anybody dropped and I will. I will finish my thought. Maybe he'll call back. I've never seen any nominee as composed and in command. Of fax in law under Extremely intense questioning because I have Judge Barrett I am very, very pleased. I want to compliment the Democrats for not attacking her religious faith. No one ever brought up people of praise. No one dared bring it up. And I think that is that speaks well of the Democrats. They have reformed their conduct in 2017. And I am very, very happy. Senator Kennedy. I was just saying, I'm so happy. The Democrats did not go after Judge barrettes faith, but I was also impressed with there is I've never been with a nominee. What were your impressions of her after two days of testimony. She's a legal my stroke. I mean, she's um She's a rock star. That's clear. And I ask tough questions. And then I did my job. You got to make sure that we don't make a mistake here. A gene she is somethin sees. The smart, wonderful temperament. Enormous integrity fault about her judicial philosophy, whether whether you agree with judicial philosophy or not not happen, too. She is carefully developed unthought out, Um The Democrats are not there. I wouldn't be surprised if they just said must must get theirs over with. They're smart. My smart colleagues only committee. I'm not putting anybody down by anybody in the smart, but if they're smart, smarter than they are literally this witness Goodbye that this you tried. You'd be along when you get a witness is good. You know what you do You sit down. Yes, you do. I I'm not a try a lawyer, but I do know confirmation process. They stayed away from a religious belief. I want to compliment your Democratic colleague. They did not do so in 2017. They did so this time. Why did they not go there? This time? Senator Kennedy. What happened after you for two reasons, I think first Again, they received justifiably and backlash. When they try to last time. And number two, it became pretty clear view pretty quickly. That if they tried to do it this time Um Judge Barrett was gonna make a meeting. I mean, we're in the south. We call someone like a steel magnolia. And then she was. Don't make him eat it. He was ready, locked and loaded. This is the one on the beef..

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