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Eight six six ninety redeye that's one eight six six nine zero seven thirty three thirty nine. Let's go to Dan in Chicago, Illinois, Dan, thank you for waiting. How you doing, Dan? Hey, rick. I'm doing great and yourself. I'm doing well. Thank you. I don't mean to pick on California again. Well, why not? Maybe I do. Enacted a new law in two thousand nineteen for the trucking industry right with four and six hour break periods that obviously are contradictory to the rest of the country going to make it very confusing for jerkers that are going in and out of California window. I take a break when we're not to your break, California break, do I take regular break DOD break. I it's great. California is so overregulated. Going off memory. But I think what does it if you rest for ten hours. You can drive eleven if you rest for eight hours you can drive ten but with with DOT DOT regularly. Yeah. But California's separate you gotta take you gotta take a break a half hour break within an eight hour period of time, but California wants to do four and a six hour hour break. What what's the purpose in that? I I started thinking about that. And why you know, you can look at fees and fines and whatnot. But the other thing is is you know, the finish that often. Then I'll answer your question. I am a feeling. Well, I I think what happened was the government stepped in. And you guys are crazy. We got better roles. Follow the rules. We don't care what you think California. But right. The I think what they're trying to do is they down vehicles or the way it is. You know, Thomas we brakes, and if they say, I think that's kind of where they're going to. But who knows maybe they're just crazy? Yeah. And that is make any well doesn't make any sense because it came out of California that I don't know. I'd I'd have to take take a look at that. You know, there's they have I went down. They've got they've got all kinds of new rules coming out in two thousand nineteen for for truckers alone. In. They've already got enough. I mean, I'm looking at. But let everybody else smoke pot, right? Yeah. Exactly. Get behind you won't care, whether you're driving all anyone. Now that you can think Jerry Brown for that. I'm sure I think that guy stays high most of the time. Anyway, it just amazes me how they ended up firing him again. Well, listen, I appreciate the call, Dan. Please be safe out there. You know, the last call wanted to know about illegal immigrants illegal aliens column what you want. And whether they get welfare benefits are undocumented immigrants eligible for federal public benefit programs. All right. You gotta take this with a grain of salt, generally, no illegal immigrants, including Dhaka, by the way are in eligible to receive most keyword. There's most federal public benefits, including no the supplemental nutrition assistance program snap sometimes referred to as food stamps regular Medicare, Medicaid in keyword. There's regular SSI temporary assistance for needy needy families undocumented immigrants are ineligible for healthcare subsidies under the Affordable Care Act in there. Prohibited from purchasing unsubsidized health coverage on ACA, there's a lot of holes in what I just gave you there. A ton. Undocumented immigrants may be eligible for a handful of benefits that are deemed necessary to protect life or guarantees safety in bad situations, like emergency Medicaid access to treatment in hospital emergency rooms access to healthcare nutrition programs under. There's a special program for women infants and so on. Are the eligible for federal public benefit programs? If you have a lawful permanent residents, and that's your status. Yes. You are. But not until you've resided as a legal resident for five years. Well, you and I both know here's the whole. Hang up with this inter sanctuary cities changes the whole dynamic, well, California. We were just talking about how many millions of day do they borrow from the federal government for assistance programs? It's ridiculous. Are immigrants eligible for state benefits. Well, here we go in some states. Yeah. Twenty-six states make immigrants eligible for state funded benefit programs. Most of those states either offer assistance to families or provide access to health care or insurance. New York has won the safety nets assistance. California's got the Cal fresh food assistance, California's cash assistance, you know, what's the protocol for mixed status families. You got some of them that are undocumented some that are residents. Well, here we go like any US born citizen US citizen children of illegals can receive federal benefits. If they meet the eligibility requirements without a penalty. So I've heard this argued back and forth. How much money the legal immigrants us from federal public? Benefit programs. It goes back. I think about four years it's it's up in the air because of the sanctuary cities and the sanctuary city numbers throw, it all out of whack if you ask how much to immigrants contribute to support public benefits. Well, both documented and undocumented immigrants, according to the left leaning sanctuary cities pay more into public benefit programs than they take out now. I'd say, okay. Supposedly three hundred and twenty eight little over a billion in state, local and federal taxes. You know, here's the thing. I don't understand the sanctuary city status. I don't I don't get that. Why why would you take legal residents of your city which would include legal immigrants, but why would you put them in harm's way by welcoming in people that in many cases haven't been vetted because they don't have any documents to vet. You see what I'm saying? It doesn't make any sense kin in may Maybank, Texas, Ken, thank you for waiting. How you doing Kim? Very good. How are you? I'm well. Thank you. I just wanted to chime in. I'm glad you said what you said. Because I read a report that seventy five percent of all illegal immigrants coming into this country acquire fake ID's. And then they're get these benefits. That's just what I read. I don't know if it's true or not. It makes sense, you know, how many border crossing cards. We give out. I mean, one of the biggest one of the biggest areas of illegal immigration come from the border crossing cards. We give out we give out over a million a.

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