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You work hard every day fame and fortune there are worth more than there the nets record and we're back you're listening to the mark might show i'm your host mark white right now we have coach gene stalling joining us good morning coach dolphins i am doing great coach i got to talk to ruth in just a few minutes ago and a pleasure to talk to her and told her that we're going to talk about john mark this morning i can't thank for better subject me either coach you know and as we talked about on wednesday route at the ranch and we talked about world down syndrome day and what i wanted to go back to june eleventh nineteen sixty two when john mark was born and the experience that you and ruth ann had when we were in the hospital the doctor told me said you know i think that babies mongoloid we don't even use that word anymore when he said that you back eighty i don't know why but based out and they gave me some smelling throws government back i said i don't doctor to tell ruth and i will tell her crowded bushel of tears and thanked it up your life was the worst thing that ever happened really turned out to be the best thing that ever happened i prayed to god did he would change johnny but he changed me and go ahead anyway johnny staved with downs and and i changed and it was just it turned out to be just a wonderful relationship he was forty six when he passed away and and he's had more things named after him and as lost more painful than anybody that i well let's talk about the legacy of johnny and what he meant to people in the kindness that he showed i know that he connected with so many people at all levels just tell us about that coach.

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