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Volvos focus for doing that is now the driver driver monitoring cameras allow the car safety to take action when necessary to keep people safe the company wants to start a conversation about whether comic has have the right or even obligation to install tack which can watch drivers attorney Jennifer do Caskey wonders about consent. What about the privacy of passengers it's going to be a wild west show for a little while? Trying to figure out how these new technologies are going to play out in the courts. Expect to see more driver monitoring in the future because cars with semi autonomous features. Need it Cadillac? Already has driver gaze tracking camera Anouchka Dan at the university of Massachusetts. I'm Hearst says systems, which seemed to handle all the driving can low humans into a distracted states where they'll engage in other secondary tasks like texting or reading or sleeping driver monitoring could be reassuring though for that elderly parents who refuses to give up the cookies, for example, Volvo system will eventually car over and stop it. But Bryant Walker Smith at the university of South Carolina says that raises questions over ultimate legal authority if someone is racing to a hospital and driving in a less than optimal manner. Well, maybe we still want them to get to the hospital for context forty thousand people die on US roads every year and over ninety percents of accidents are caused by humans are Jack's Jew for marketplace. We're told you the other day about some changes come into the H two B visa program. The visas used for seasonal workers in this economy today, another spoonful of the immigration alphabet soup with look at the H two Bs cousin the H one B changes coming to that one to remember. This is the program for a highly skilled foreigners who fill jobs, usually in technology science, and engineering marketplaces and dealers on that one the government is switching from paperwork. Heavy H one B application process to an electronic one and it created a pre application if applicants don't pass. There's no need to submit the more time consuming. And expensive full version. It is impossible to magin that the system that they are proposing. We'll make things more efficient. Sandra Feis is an immigration attorney in Minneapolis. She points out that the government got almost two hundred thousand H one B applications last year and granted eighty-five thousand visas all the law allows vice says if you lower the bar for applying for an H one B. What's going to happen is more? Employers are going to submit registrations for less viable cases, which she says will further clog the system what many employers really want, though is more employees. Richard Burke is CEO of on ROY global affirm that helps companies navigate the H one B process on very recently surveyed more than four hundred companies that hire foreign workers Burke, says pretty much all of them are asking one question shouldn't we have a greater number than eighty five thousand two issue under the H one B program opponents of upping, the capcity those jobs should go to Americans, but David beer at the Cato Institute says the labor market is. So tight that there just aren't enough qualified workers in the US the idea that you know, we should be keeping people out of the country. It's really putting a cap on economic growth in. Well, President Trump has made growth a top priority. Many companies say their inability to fill critical jobs with qualified foreign workers is capping.

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