Nineteen Hundred Dollars, One Day discussed on Valentine in the Morning


Geez on the with you whom weren't will go you're hours from me me did mojo we do still deadly thank is so you know see this oh no it is here's the response to this a tease abroad root for me gala gotta here now dmz wanting of the stores wanted oh my response to our story okay see if i said away here's my response do because based on stuff with your every single day is always a new study come announcer read the study here in a tight second i go look at him like it has to have that the medical study released yesterday claims that even moderate drinking might be bad for your brain about that coming up three things right we have a close one day it's good for you but now with that nineteen hundred dollars coming up in what's that noise that happens at seven twenty five this morning urumaya vow is the battle of the sexes reps in the.

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