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Live on the news radio que LBJ apple you have a great morning it is ten sixteen Alyssa is here producing thank you for joining us and if you're just checking in on mark and Melinda we're talking about a waterfall of stories today about problems in the public schools in the Austin area and around the state everything from students fighting do teachers losing it in the classroom well and that's what the real conversation needs to be about is you need to get the school district's sitting down and going okay you've got kids going after each other you've got teachers that are completely losing it what is going on and how can we get to where we can support our teachers but also support our students we're we're not having these kind of things where you've got kids going after kids are you've got teachers Yellen or teachers physically harming kids these these are all indications of things that are terribly wrong on many levels you're right let's go to lead cedar park and K. L. B. J. he's got a comment about both students being punished in the case of that school and the Leander district the middle school all were a girl was yanked down by her pony tail and received a beat down at the hands of another girl Hey Lee good morning welcome to K. L. B. J. good morning are you guys they were finally what are your thoughts okay so I have two kids in the school for them my oldest is that leader high now but when he was running that running brushy there was even come out and tell me about drugs drinking fighting although my adult child is also in elementary school I think that a middle school and she never got any support she was picked on at school the policy that they have in the school district totally thank the boy or the people that are doing something wrong as opposed to the victim does that work out you say they protect the Bali rather than the victim what what do you mean by that is that is correct my son was punished even though he was he was first and he tried to protect themselves in at running brushy when he was in middle school he was that although management thing time my daughter is where those were running brushy and I'm I repeat I'm in the process of fighting to get her into a different middle school because I refused to let her go there what is going on I think of Leander and I think okay that's out in the country that's how I was raised in a good country school you wouldn't expect these kind of problems to happen there maybe I'm just naive but what is going on in the Leander school district where this is a recurring thing every year eight seven one we are way overpopulated out here I've been here for sixteen years and there are a lot of kids the busing system can't keep up with all the kids that they need to buy number one number two there's no support for the teachers I mean I have as a parent you have to hold your kids first available you know it's there can't get in trouble at school the parents want that you know a lot of the kids and not support that the staff and the teachers and and everything like that so there's really no and I can't does something wrong the detention or Leo there's no when I try to say there's now consequences accountability yeah I got you all right Lee thank you we got a text from a listener who said they're exaggerating the number of fights at this middle school yeah they said their son goes to that middle school and it's it's probably F. fight every other month not every day so mom's exaggerating there but still take that every other month or every couple of months they're having a fight that didn't happen when I was growing up I get we're in a little bit of a different time but it speaks volumes that I mean it's almost like this parents going it's just every couple of months no big deal it's not every day still every couple of months is not something that I would want my kids subject to if I would if they were going there at another point on what Lee said there she said her son defended himself and he got punished that seems to be the case that a lot of the school districts if somebody defends himself you're going to get punished as well it's almost like the districts are so afraid of labeling anyone as bad or a bully or someone who would start a fight that it's easier for them to take that that easy road of okay well we'll just get everybody in trouble that way no one is picked out as being a bad person that's not something they all have to live with for the rest of their life and that has just created what we're dealing with at the school in Leander you've got the teachers that are so fed up with these kids not getting any kind of discipline are being held accountable that they're yelling at the kids are they're treating them bad which is not right either no it's not and and Susan have four points as a comment on that story my fox seven says that at an elementary school in the Hays district of fourth grade teachers been suspended now being evaluated investigated for reportedly screaming at the kids in fourth grade using derogatory language hello Susan good morning Paul welcome aboard hi hi Susan I have to tell you I'm a nineteen year veteran parents of Leander ISD we can talk about that in a minute but the woman that was got hot yelling at those kids that person should not be teaching I'm a special ed teacher I don't teach I take care of my children but I exactly know what's going on in Leander there's not a lot of discipline for the children or the teachers well and if any of the woman that was yelling at the children she should not be keeping I've taken my last child out of Leander because as a middle schooler and another middle school in lander Henry middle school she watched the teachers parade the middle school students well there there's no doubt that that is happening let let's take the fourth grade teacher in Hays for just a moment it sounds to me based on the limited information we have that that she is been pushed to the breaking point and is just losing and now she's been there seven years we don't know what kind of behavior she's putting up with the limitations on corralling these kids she sounds like she's just lost all patience well and she needs a check or something I don't know that I've had enough I am not being efficient as a teacher here because all I'm doing is yelling at these kids I'm not getting anything out of this these kids are not getting anything out of it it's probably time that I change my profession but it's also the curriculum she's being asked to teach possibly what they are Susan thank you Hey you make very good points but it is a shame it's our loss is good teachers are pushed to leave because of a lack of decorum discipline in these classrooms the bad behavior it is our loss but maybe that's what is needed to to open eyes here that when you don't support your staff and that these kids are able to get away with anything and everything from home to school and it is taking a toll on your teachers that they leave perhaps you open your eyes and say okay what can we do here there's obviously a problem how do we handle this how can we better support you staff how can we better support you student population you're making too much sense I know you need to stop doing that teachers have been complaining about this for years but the entire movement now is keep the kids in the classroom no matter what we need the money the money money money money yes keep them in the classroom no matter what and you can you can understand the frustration of many of these teachers here here's more of the audio this is from a fourth grade classroom in the haze school district the kids pulled out their phones and started recording this teacher they said this this was a pretty regular occurrence where she would yell and scream like this.

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