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Business. Technology advisor today. Progressives are taking shots at Joe Biden seeking to blunt the former vice presidents rise in polls by arguing he is too conservative to be the party's presidential nominee Amie Parnes reporter at the hill says the criticism has come from rivals to Mr. Biden on the campaign trail as well as liberal groups seeking to put a dent into his poll numbers. Amy, explain a lot of progressive has been a little bit nervous about vice president Biden, they see that. He has come out from the gates charging Easter really well in polls, he is at the top of the of the top of even terms of. Fundraising? He is getting all the attention right now. And I think that made a lot of people nervous because he's that you saw people before Biden came in people like Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders considered the front runner, and I think now he vied in considered the big competition. So you see a of progressive groups particular turning the heat up on vitamin so at this point, I suspect most of the big names are in the race. Right. So if Mr. Biden was leading by so much, let's say Mr. Sanders had a thirty something point lead. Would he be the targets say of centrist, Democrats like is? This is the way it goes. Or is there a unique situation here that that's a very good question. I think right now you're seeing Awada because a lot of some movement and the energies electrifying of a party. I think you're seeing a lot of people think that this is their time. And that this is. You know, someone like Bernie Sanders would be should be at the helm kind of leading their the platform and their issues. So I think that's sort of where this is coming from. Sure, if I think Senator saying there's wasn't a lead. I think that you would see maybe talk about him a little bit more. But I think right now, the president has set his ice on shop for a good reason. So liberals are unhappy with Mr. Biden specifically on certain issues. So they feel as though the former vice president Dan be being in sort of a lead in terms of the issues that they want him to. So they sort of they've aimed fire at him to sort of say that he is progressive because the former vice president lakes by the likes to say that he is the production. Of course, he's also straddle the line awhile recorded, and he's, you know, made himself known as an Obama Biden democrat. So he's sort of nodding shoes that trista. Well, people who supported Obama on that who've centrists and also includes progressive he's essentially saying you can be the person for everyone and the Democratic Party speaking with Amy Parnes senior political correspondent at the hill, and she's written a piece entitled liberals attack Biden seeking to blunt his momentum. So even Senator Sanders right is trying to paint that dividing line between himself and Mr. Biden talking about the Iraq war or. I forget what some of the other issues he said, but there's a dividing line. That's out there. I guess. It's interesting because Senator Sanders essentially said that he would come out there and mounted tax on Biden. But he is making it very clear where he stands where the former vice president, Dan think you've seen sort of at him. Contrast talk about the distinction between the two I think talking to his aid. That's what he's going into mostly. You're not gonna see Rayleigh go charging Biden and throw away. He did with secretary Clinton and twenty sixteen at least right now make though quickly they might go pro heated very quickly. But I think right now his advisors are essentially saying we are going to do this. We're going to you're going to lay it out for for the voters. I think voters can eat to side that they think that Biden is more progressive. But I think it's it's pretty clear, I think in terms of. Where people stand that. I think Bernie Sanders is the more progresses. One of the two of them you quoted an author in your book to who said even though Mr. Biden is not the most progressive candidate. He could win the primary how so what was the reasoning there? You're seeing that he is. I think there may be miscalculation happening with how. But everyone to say, obviously that the energy is at the left wing of the party. And that's where the party is doing, but hold a flexing the Amy Amy Parnes reporter at the hill. Twenty minutes now.

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