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These 700 gallery Well, tell you the home of the Cincinnati Reds. Right. Here we go. Settle. Embrace yourself ready for this. We have two hours and 15 minutes, two hours and 15 minutes between now. Midnight. That time is reserved for you. I will admit what I said that earlier tonight during the inside pitch when I said a great weather, no rain in the forecast 6 10 start. That means we're gonna have atleast two hours of an extra innings. I said it with great excitement and anticipation. Now, as I look, and I realised what has transpired, and I think two hours and 15 minutes. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Ah, let's celebrate the lines. 5137491 7800 The big £1.700 on T. You've got something to say. You've got a feeling you've got an emotion. You've got a point. You have an observation from tonight and we will sort through those between now and midnight tonight. All begin with this. That was a killer. That was a kick in the growing. That's a kick to the shin. That is who made that stings. From the context of what it could have been. Leading to nothing. In the seventh inning. They were staring at four straight wins, winning five of six. Going over 500 for the first time since made the 14th of 2017. Other than opening day thinking, let that sink in. Of how miserable they've been. And yet what tonight could have brought this team other than opening day? This franchise other than opening day has not been above 500 since May, the 14th of 2017 when they stood 1918. And they were nine outs away from reaching That point of going over 500. Tonight they would have beaten the ace of the Indians, arguably the most dominant pitcher in baseball right now and instead You go from leading two to nothing with nine outs to go. To losing and wasting a stud like performance from Tyler Malli. Where to begin where to begin. First of all I think this has been under this has been under evaluated, understated, underrated. And I think it's something we didn't really want to pay much attention to. I think we wanted to gloss over it. This team's defense is killing This team is a hole. There is not enough margin of error with this team. You can't have that good, a starting pitching and yet spotty offense. You can't have the defense. This team is rolling out. That air by Freddy Galvis in the seventh inning, just like a week ago. The air by your radio soirees open up the door for the big inning against the Cubs. If he doesn't make the air tonight, those runs don't score in the seventh inning. And here's your stat of the night. As of the last time I checked the Kansas City Royals score, this Reds team has allowed Mohr unearned runs than any team in Major League Baseball. 13. At the time the error was committed. And those two runs scored on the seventh. The Reds had allowed 47 runs is a pitching staff. 13 of those were unearned. You understand what I'm saying 28% of the runs teams were scoring the Reds were handing to them. And we kind of convinced ourselves at the start of all this. You know, Mike Moustakas really isn't a second baseman. But with the analytics, he'll be okay. Freddy Galvis to our eye is not Jose Iglesias. But the analytics and saying the Bulls he got two in the balls that he made by. He'll be okay. And Nixon's Ellen Center field is still learning on the job..

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