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Now two thousand he drives in the lane and Justin Smith we call for hand check just as but in the six point five forty three Jerome hundred checks in and Justin Smith no I think they want to change race taps and out of the ballgame adjustable stadium race time since the guide on the sidelines but in the end up leading by six points find game cal sure the strikers four points in the ball game together three earlier and he goes to the stride looking for a free throw to drop me guess what they who's really good his struggles issues at minutes are going to have to make their free throws her both teams in the bonus but yeah yeah I'm not down your free throws missiles really struggle here this evening the second one and he got a boat sure he's got a six point of the game four point in the evolution this basketball green green isn't back off to listen to see between the circles low interest action Davis backstab frozen after the Mante a three pointer on the way the stuff before you shop lost track of where he was on the fourth password trees Jackson days he's got to be able to do that Minnesota's defenders for multiple guys as he drives to the basket good he just lost track of where it was stuck on the sidelines here's a car with a basketball moves it right comes back left in the mayor who's checked in gives off the cal sure on the left wing downloadable Toro estrace inside knocks him to the floor this is there goes down there is one of the fly Richard here is Tennessee outside pass the Justin back to Robby drives a left pulls up brings it back outside redirects traffic thirteen on the shot okay green on the right wing downloaded trace Jackson Davis now against the world grows and outside now he's got to shoot at this is not the trace you'll pull it off from long range two points fifty seven fifty one and the others got the lead back up to six now here is paid Willis slides into the left side on the perimeter yes Marcus card rise and back to the top right down inside he goes throws up a shot will goal was to blow scholars call and this was going to go against you reached and picks up his first the second time turn the corner on Indiana's defense probably one of the best drivers of the basketball for our office is gonna fight through that underneath make sure you can't let that drive on the free throw and all of a sudden the free ones are starting to drop for Minnesota ten points now for car and he tries once again to get it down to a four point game and eleven point fifty seven fifty three the sequel right side outside a trace Jackson Davis the Justin Smith the juror all the white wing now with the blows away from the so that's the final television with the store the soda the seven two three four but.

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