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This is twenty. Four seven news. On KOMO news I'm Michael Preston the woman suspected of hitting and killing, port orchard man over the. Weekend, has surrendered to officers alley Rochelle Giannini is now. Being held, on a million dollars bail investigators say she drove onto the shoulder where Michael, Keaton was taking a morning, walk and then she didn't stop gets them county sheriff's deputies knew who they were looking for because her Valence video, caught the car driving away debate went late into the night as Bellevue tried to hammer out the groundwork to. Allow. Permanent shelters in the city komo's Joel Moreno attended last night's often contentious council meeting bellevue's city leaders approved new land use coz on how and. Where homeless shelters can be built it is a win for religious groups which needed rules that wouldn't set so many requirements that they couldn't actually meet and. Yet still qualify for federal funding what did he survive was pushed by many neighborhood groups to have buffer, zones separating shelters from Residential areas and schools are important. For families they look, at that as being one. Way to minimize, some of that risk of people coming in crisis and we need the cities to step up and. Allow, public and private land to host shelters vote follows. Two years, of discussion obeyed on the topic and in that time the city's homeless population, has continued to grow most, Joel Merino the man who was shot after deputies say he attacked his wife appeared before a judge yesterday police say, on Saturday night for all Walter Jackson hit his wife dumped food on her and then pointed a rifle at. Her. Deputies found him laying down in his driveway with a gunshot wound in his leg it's unclear who fired the bullet that hit Jackson following months. Of requests from judges and other staff Seattle police have stepped up patrols around the King County courthouse because news has learned violence and other problems continue the. Stretch of third avenue outside the courthouse receives more nine one one calls the nearly any other Other place in the city along with the courthouse. It's also home to homeless shelters and social service agencies people who work at the courthouse say they. Try to avoid third avenue and they're telling jurors to do the same we have heard from jurors who don't feel safe and who might not regularly come to downtown Seattle and these see the conditions here and They're frightened judges worry the crime will make it even harder. To get people to respond for jury duty passengers are safe after a horizon propeller plane had to return to seatac airport with engine troubles Actually pretty taken, I think. All of. Us are taken Julie sat gassed was with her mother on flight twenty seven twenty. Eight are when the trouble happened. The right next to the propeller a little bit behind it The propeller and the engine kinda. Went out she says the plane tipped. And the pie told them they were returning to seatac with engine trouble the ride was bumpy but luckily nobody was hurt it's thirty four minutes past the hour KOMO AAA traffic every ten. Minutes, on the four it's just getting a report of a disabled vehicle on northbound I, five, just north of the bowing access road in Seattle disabled. Vehicle is blocking the HOV lane and in Tacoma southbound I seventy five at twenty first we have a collision involving a pedestrian that has all southbound lanes blocked. Of seven five their state patrol and medical..

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