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Like it's in pretty good shape right now. I'm Darren Copeland from the bed, Fred Sports Traffic Center and I'm On my way news Radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app box 31 pinpoint weather Partly cloudy tonight with a low of 46 Tomorrow Partly cloudy high 80 for right now it is 62. Our top story on K O a news radio governor Pola says President Trump is sending a message about covert 19. That is half right when he says don't fear the disease, but something else is missing. Of course, it's not a time for fear, but it doesn't mean you throw your mask off, have large groups and get people sick and die. It means it's not a time for fear. It's a time for caution. Caution messages getting louder in Colorado is covert 19 cases are rising at a rate that could eventually stress our hospitals. If not reversed. The governor says. It's time to bend the curve again on covert 19 or move into a holiday season, where virus spread could make it difficult for families to safely gather together. So far, the return of students to Denver public school classrooms has been going well. Superintendent Susanna Cordova has been looking at the latest covert numbers numbers a very, very low right now, and it certainly seems to mirror the trends that we're seeing in school districts that are open on DSO. We're monitoring that very closely so that we could make sure that they are are reopening is safe. Dr. Bill Berman, with Denver Health has been advising DPS. He says A recent spike in cases in Denver has not been seen in the schools. He says the district's plan to slowly move back to the classroom still has his support. Most cases in the recent covert 19 spike have been among college age students in Denver. It was a record high in Denver at 87 degrees, tying the high and we're going to be close to record highs the next three days Wednesday. We keep it sunny and dry. We will see some areas of smoke once again with that poor air quality in place on Thursday, high temperatures get up to 80 for that's also what we're going to see on Friday more sunshine, a drug conditions both of those days. Box 31 meteorologist Jessica Label says a storm system moving in Sunday will cool things down with highs next week in the sixties. President Trump is putting an end to negotiations on a new economic stimulus package. Trump tweeted that he is instructing his team to stop negotiating with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi until after.

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