Donald Trump, Virginia, Glenn Young discussed on Mark Levin


Including some conservative media And that is number one to use this election Once again to trash Donald Trump In the template they tell us how to keep the Trump base without embracing Donald Trump Donald Trump's name came up more in the race in Virginia than glennon's name came up The Trump base is nothing more than patriotic people who love their country And want to save it And so when faced with these American Marxist movements like critical race theory and Terry mcauliffe the old bagman for the clintons who's pushing every one of these Marxist movements the Trump base is patriotic And so they're going to fight against and vote against individuals like this and vote for somebody to defeat them That's the way it works It's a binary process Glenn young did not In any way say anything critical about Donald Trump Nothing He was baited They try to push him into that position He wouldn't do it But he also wanted to run as his own man and that's exactly what he did And there's nothing conflicting about those two things Nothing So the template is not to run away from Donald Trump The template is to unite as many people as you can Now again as I explained to a caller not too long ago They kept showing Donald Trump's numbers in Virginia in a New Jersey in some of these counties Donald Trump lost Virginia by 10% That's what they keep saying There is no way Donald Trump would lose Virginia by 10% today Biden ran a campaign as a phony as a moderate Now he has his real record Now he can't put one foot in front of the other as he shuffles away So he wouldn't lose by 10% now He'd likely win That's my opinion But he certainly wouldn't wouldn't lose by ten points Let me put it that way So the media trying to create narratives all the time narratives all the time narratives all the time They know Trump is the FrontRunner if he wants to run in 2024 So they're trying to tell Republicans don't do that There's a different template out there In addition The same Republicans are trying to lecture they're now calling racists because they oppose these elements of the American Marxist movement I just wish more people particularly politicians and particularly guests and contributors to the various programs that we like Would use the phrase American Marxism because they would put them on defense immediately We would know how to explain it Had it gone offense And they can keep saying racism all they want when we call them No that's actually part of this American Marxism movement What do you mean by that You understand But they don't seem to have the courage to do it It's a very bizarre The other side will call anybody in anything a racist And so immediately our side plays defense Don't play defense These are reprobates As we age the fatigue and failing endurance we feel can't be fixed with.

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