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All right, Joe Moran talking with Bobby Newman on race day earlier this week about forbidden kingdom. Joe, thanks for taking the time. Bobby Dave, thanks for having me on, excited to be on here and it's always exciting talking about a talented cult like this. Well, he certainly has done very, very little wrong. He's never run a bad race in his 5 race career, and he's kind of been all over the place. He started sprinting. You guys even tried him on the turf second start of his career, but really he showed a ton of improvement from his two year old year to his three year old year. What's been the difference with forbidden kingdom? And why has he gotten so good so fast? Yeah, I think a lot has to just go to the patients from trainer Richard Mandela. He's allowed this cult to develop mentally at his own pace. And I think that's been the key stays out of his own way. Every week, I think he impresses trying to retrieve it just by the way. He takes that next level up. And that's been the most impressive part, still don't think he'll ever really sit off of the pace of the other horse, but I think it's been pretty incredible seeing his last two works of his mental maturity of being able to relax. And that was always the big question mark with him. And I know he checked off the box in the San Felipe going two turns. But now it's going to be another challenge with two speed balls or two other horses that may be able to test them early. You co own this horse with our good friends over at spendthrift farm. He's bi Triple Crown winner American pharaoh out of a 5 star day mayor. So you'd think you'd be able to run all day on the top side with 5 star day on the damn side. It sounds a little bit more like sprint breeding. And he's kind of got the best of both worlds because he's really got sprinter speed, but he showed last time out. He's able to carry that speed around two turns now. We finally get to see this matchup that we've been crying for for it seems like months. Those of us who are racing fans. We get forbidden kingdom and we get messier and their side by side in the starting gate, how do you see this race playing out? And where do you want to be at the top of the stretch in relation to messier for forbidden kingdom to have his best chance? That's a great question, the hard question to answer fully. You know, I think the early stages are all going to be determined by Mike Smith and ty ball on the outside. Like I said, I don't imagine we won't be in front early on. When we turn for home, I'd love to have a nice lengthy lead on messier, but I don't believe Johnny glass is going to let us get too far out of his eyesight..

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