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You this happy in a long time. I was so bummed. We didn't have coach last day because it was of course the end of the Patriot dynasty. But it can better. We have him today. Because it's the start of a new dynasty and we talk to the Patriots. Let's make nick even happier. Let's talk chiefs. Maybe Texas fifty one on thirty one. That's that's not the news. The news from this game is that they trailed twenty four. Nothing after a series of mistakes and miscues by the chiefs Padma homes go mountain an unbelievable comeback the tune of three hundred twenty one yards five touchdowns first team in history a playoff game by at least twenty after trailing by. Why is at least twenty? Here is the quarterback Patrick Mahomes after the big win. Obviously we didn't want to be in that in that spot but the biggest thing that I think I it was preaching to the team was. Let's go do something special Let's go do something special. Everybody's already counting us out. Let's just go play by play and just put our best effort out there and I mean obviously yeah. I knew as a team we had everything. Go the right way up at the defense stepped up. Special team stepped up all authencity. We making the plays. You weren't making a play by play. We just chipped away at that lead and then got to happen and came up the second half and kept firing. Well we're GONNA fight to the end. We don't care what the score is. We don't care for twenty four twenty four. We're going to put our best effort every single play way. I think that's just the mentality of this team. Hard to believe that was only mahomes third career playoff game and to do what he did. Nick how do the chiefs mount this epic comeback will. Well I the most basic answers because they obviously the best player in football in the best quarterback in football and despite his youth despite his lack of experience he was the steadiest hand in the room. It you said it earlier. Generally you're spot on the look on any reads face. After the blocked punt touchdown the only word I could use describe it as catatonic and and then the the look on his face after Tyreek Hill had them upon. It was an eye in Andy. Reid is going to be in the pro football hall of fame one day. I believe we had a couple of new coaches inducted this year. Already and congrats to coach cower and our Guy Jimmy Johnson Andy. Reid got a similar track without the Super Bowl and he's a super bowl away and he saw his best chance to win the Super Bowl slipping out of his fingertips and then Patrick mahomes saved the day he was. I think aided by some very curious coaching decisions by Houston and aided by the fact that the Texans and the reason I was so confident going into the game that the chiefs would not just win but crush them was because the Texans defense is drawing dead against Kansas City. The only way they were going to slow down Kansas City was dropped passes of guys running wide open and that's the only way they stopped them all day you wanted the chiefs stopped dropping passes. They went on a fifty one. Two seven run. That is a high school basketball run against a a small school from the suburbs and they did it in the NFL divisional round of the playoffs. So that's how it happened. And the Texans as soon as the chiefs punched back the Texans folded and the chiefs had no. Oh folding them whatsoever coach yeah look they were able to mount an epic comeback because they played ethically bad early in the game. And that's really where it is and I guess if you WanNa on at spot someone else twenty four points at home in a game is important as this and for some reason not come out and play sharp Initially and hope hoped that's a formula that can somehow translate into the championship game and Super Bowl and win. I think it's low percentage football and and look Patrick Mahomes had had a had a great game but really early on until the drive at the end of the first half. He really wasn't that productive and and to me that's when he started playing well if anybody gets. MVP It's gotTa be Sorenson for the game. Changing plays that he made and Sorenson people don't know he's the one that made the tackling the fake punt and then he's the one that forced the funny yet and back to back back back turnover essentially that that put Kansas City in the position that they were in. It's it's disappointing to watch his team start the game the way that they started and obviously it makes it that much more dramatic an impressive that they were able to come back. I just don't know this Is something that that's a win. Most playoff games to score fifty one points. I don't have the numbers to prove that. But I think I think. NFL history scoring. But you don't want a lot of games when you spot got someone else twenty four we may have an aberration air. But but if that's the form you think it's GonNa work for them until I rarely give a blocked punt touchdowns and then have tyreek hill. Muffled pump up the point. I'm yeah you're right. You usually don't want to go down. Twenty four nothing but if you do have to go down two thousand four nothing having number fifteen on your team is pretty good antidote to that having Patrick Mahomes is always key but Nego Hartman. He gave his team life with that kickoff. Return because this Jesus still had come out first and ten and still try to get something going join. Gaza's open just dropping the ball and they were killing theirselves soon. They self in a foot once heart Manhattan. This return. It gave his whole stadium life gain this team and then the second quarter. They just found a match up. You know a mismatch with Travis Kelsey on Texans safety whoever it was Travis Kelsey with the MVP of the second quarter quarter you know They tried to double them. He was still getting catches and Travis Kelsey opened up a lane catching the ball. It's just a cheese offense as a whole just opened up and Patrick Mahomes. He got more confidence because he has completely either throws Kelsey and then he just couldn't Mitt every through traffic schrafft's Kelsey second quarter. It was well and to your point brandon. The Texans clue that made the point. We're not gonNA let Tyreek Hill beat us and you run out of people if you're GONNA if you're gonNA central US one extra player to go over the top tyreek hill. Then what's going to be wide open is Travis Kelsey. You're not going to be able to double to guys not when the team still of Mughal Hardiman. Sammy Watkins those other guys. And they went to the match up repeatedly and it was the key to flip in the game. We talked about the Ravens and we thought maybe there's a lot of it that was russ that week in heart didn't play the players really the week before when when it comes to this. Why do you think that the chiefs started the way they did? Why was it so sloppy rust as well was it not focus? I mean there are at home. They have that crowd they you bet energy. How does the team come out like that you know you you always go through this? This series of decision-making Layton season and really the start of the season two. There's two times a year we we were talking about rest versus rust. And and I've seen it go both ways I've seen teams and New England. I thought we did a pretty good job with is is being able to come back and play strong. But you're you're balancing because you don't want to go in and and have someone get hurt late in the season and that final game the season then you don't have them mm-hmm but you also want to keep keep your guys sharp and you you preach and you talk about it. And you try to simulate the conditions of Mexican but the fact is if you have that time off guys do you get away from it. Hard to balance and I think there's the pressure of coming in as a massive a favourite knowing. You only have something to lose very the chiefs making another. AFC championship game while in the prior the the PM error the pre mahomes era they had never hosted an AFC championship game. They've now done it two years in a row they've never been to back to back. AFC Championship Games. They've been out on a both years with him as a starter but they lost a massive disappointment new saw but you saw from the coaching staff and the players early except for Patrick it was affecting them and as much as I adore coachman Jeanie and that hug was sincere. This is the exact that thing you have been demanding. He do show us when it's really tough well. It doesn't get tougher than twenty four. Nothing at home in a in a playoff guy gets twenty four. The road could be tougher but there was no win. The patch went down. Twenty eight to three in the Super Bowl and seven of those points came on a Brady pick six and they ended up winning by the skin. Another teeth and overtime thirty four twenty eight it is about the brilliance of Brady. MAHOMES had a ten times greater game yesterday. Then that playoff game for the Super Bowl for Tom Tom Brady it was A. He pitched a perfect game and to say you didn't look didn't pitch a perfect game and and a lot of a lot of things went right for for Kansas City. After a lot of things went wrong. So you get the stop on. First you get the big kickoff return huge K.. Then you get the stop on the on the fake punt then you get the ensuing. Doing what did I thought I thought both those decisions. He's getting killed four right now. The fourth and one field goal and the point. We're fine at some point. One of your twenty one. Nothing you don't agree to go ahead. You take the points and then that other situation the only time that you're gonNA WANNA run a fake on his when you've got the element of surprise and if you're gonNA GONNA add the element of surprise it's when you're backed up in your own territory and it's when you get the right. Look if you try to do that at the fifty yard line or on the plus side of the field at the other teams punt safe. which is this their defense? So it's..

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