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Now democracy now dot org the warrant peace report. I mean he goodman juan gonzalez here in new york city. The associated press called the democratic primary race to become the city's next mayor for brooklyn borough president and former police captain. Eric adams the latest tally. Which accounts for most absentee ballots. So adams edge out former sanitation. Commissioner catherine garcia by one percentage point. That's a little over eight thousand votes adams who'd be the city second. Black mayor ran to the right of his party. Promising to tackle crime. He's also known for supporting charter schools. And the real estate industry and taking on racism in the police department of new york meanwhile updated tallies and the city council ratio. women are on track to represent a majority of the new york city council for the first time before we go to our final story nicole. Hannah jones moving to howard university rejecting resignation. Tenure from unc. Roma amata one. Can you talk about the significance of Of eric adams take winning the democratic primary. He'll then go up against curtis lou the republican choice. Yes amy well as we discussed a few weeks ago on the show. It seem most likely that adams would prevail given his initially and it turned out to be so in terms of the counts of the absentee ballots. It was a very close arrays but then again there were many candidates in this race. So i think He's he's likely to become the second african american mayor in the history of new york city. And as i mentioned before. I've known eric adams for about thirty years. Now he was a big source. Of my when i was a reporter on issue so within the police department and and wage the valiant fightback in those days against racism and police abuse within the department became increasingly conservative as it became a politician. So i think that the real the real story here. I think is that in the last year or two there has been a considerable increase in gun violence and crime across the united states. I believe a lot of it. Is police department standing down in response to the massive public criticism around the country and and more and more guns being funneled into a black and brown communities and adams then was able to capture the majority of the democratic electorate in the primary as a result of the concern that The defunding police movement had got was going too far and that they that the voters especially in the black and brown communities overwhelmingly supported him. So i think that that's the key lesson from this. But i think that adams will be not as conservative as a lot of people's think but definitely not nearly as progressive with some of the other candidates well and of course we'll continue to cover what happens here in new york city but now we're turning to nicole. Hannah jones after months of controversy. The acclaimed journalist the new york times announced tuesday. She's decided not to join the faculty at her alma mater. Unc chapel hill instead the pulitzer prize. Winning reporter will join the faculty at howard university. The prestigious historically black university where the knight foundation has established a tenured endowed professorship and race in journalism for her she also plans to create the center for journalism and democracy acclaim journalists tallahassee coats. Who's a howard alum and close friend of hannah. Jones will join her at the school and running the center. The decision by hannah jones comes after her. Tenure was initially denied by the university of north carolina. Board of trustees in may after it was first unanimously approved by the faculty. The board typically rubberstamps tenure professors who've one sector approval from their peers. The decision to deny her tenure was reversed last monday after massive protests from alumni faculty and students nicole hundred. John spoke tuesday on. Cbs this morning with host gayle king about her decision to decline the tenured professorship at unc chapel hill. This was a position that since one thousand nine hundred eighty came with tenure. The night chairs are designed for professional journalists. Who were in working in the field to come into academia and every other chair before me who also happen to be white received that position with tenure. I never been denied. No one had never been denied tenure before exactly and i went through the tenure process and i received the unanimous approval of the faculty to be granted tenure and so to be denied it and to only have that vote occur on the last possible day at the last possible moment after threat of legal action after weeks of protests after it became a national scandal. It's just not something that i want anymore. Nicole hannah jones is best known for her work at the new york times where she produce the sixteen nineteen project an interactive project that reexamines the legacy of slavery. She's won the pulitzer prize for her work. She told cbs this morning why she thinks. Unc denied her. Tenure what has been reported is that there was a great deal of political interference by conservatives. Who don't like the work that i've done particularly the sixteen nineteen project and also by the powerful donor who gave the largest donation in the seventy year history of the journalism school. So it's pretty clear that my tenure was not taken up because of political opposition because of discriminatory view the my viewpoint i believe my race and my gender for more we're joined in greensboro north carolina by joe killian investigative reporter for nc policy. Watch who nicole hundred jones credited with breaking the story about the quote discrimination. I faced in the unc. Tenure sheets said his latest story. It's an exclusive print interview with. Her headline to kohana jones declines. Unc tenure offer heads to howard university. Welcome to democracy now. We're talking about one of the oldest public university in the united states. joe kellyanne and take us through it. What happened and who the donor is this critical point that university's journalism school is named for who intervened in this process. Sure will it's a little over-simplistic. She was denied tenure because it actually was much more unusual than that they actually decided not to vote on it. Which is something you see in politics not usually in academia killing something in a committee making sure it never comes out of committee never comes to a vote. Nobody is on record publicly one way or the other. That's something you see north carolina general assembly councils and county commissioner meetings. Not generally something you see on the board of trustees major adversity nice. What happened here and our reporting. Reveal that not only. Was there conservative. Backlash to the idea for working at the university from activists and elected republicans. But also from walter hudson. Who is a arkansas media magnate and graduate graduate of the the the journalism school. Who gave twenty five million dollars in two thousand eighteen which led to the school being named after him and school agreeing to what he calls his core values of journalism into a wall at the at the university he was i interviewed houseman and he said that he had concerns about this team. Nineteen project and also about an essay that hannah jones wrote on the idea of reparations for black americans or slavery and he took those concerns at all the way up the chain he. He didn't get the answer that wanted from the schools team. Who said thank you for your input. But we're gonna make the decision ourself. So he went to the chancellor the vice chancellor who oversees financial giving and at least one.

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