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Reports co author and eric you were telling me that earlier when we first came in and we were in our previous about that this is how all this began it all began with a cnn entertainment reporter and she sits down with the stars of of that movie being morgan freeman alan arkin and michael caine and they're all seated together across from her and she was pregnant at the time michael caine in the video she still has she has it on video because it's a press junket they record everything and so and by the way this wasn't the the only strange behavior by by morgan freeman at a press junket they they showed cnn did another clip of another reporter entertainment reporter at a different press junket and he was making inappropriate comments and he but in this one where this all began with this cnn reporter the behavior didn't the alleged behavior didn't begin there the investigation did so that reporters sitting there and she's i think she said six months pregnant at the time and he's and you can see it in the video and and he's just looking at her up and down and then he makes us inappropriate comment at the end and it kind of caught his co stars off she at that point thought that that reporter said to herself i need to talk to an interview other women that have worked with them and see if this has happened before and this is how all this happened this is how all this came out and it's it's just weird when you see it at first and on when he's sitting there with the other reporter at the other press junket at first it's like okay you've crossed the line skill and the inappropriate slash flirtation and then he just kinda goes off the rails and the it's just i don't know it's just bizarre first of all it's a press junket you know killers you know the cameras are rolling because that's basically how it goes you've got one or or two main cameras one focused on the seat of the reporters and they rotate through that chair and then you have one on the stars of the movie and so they just basically keep rolling the whole time and you bring in a new report or they sit down they start asking their questions.

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